Kid Cudi Evokes ‘Kill Bill’ In “Mr. Rager” Video

Kid Cudi typically presents himself as a quiet, introspective type instead of a badass, but in his cinematic “Mr. Rager” video, the rocker/rapper has it both ways. Much like Kill Bill‘s The Bride against the Crazy 88s, Cudder takes on a mob of evildoers all by himself, sometimes throwing punches… but mostly taking them. Despite the endless flow of villains having it out for Cudi, it appears his true nemesis is — shock! — himself. Watch Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Rager go at it below.

Kid Cudi — “Mr. Rager”

The video was directed by Jeremie Rozan, and you know all those neato jackets with the red patches on the shoulders that everyone’s wearing? They’re from Kid Cudi’s new line of jackets for clothing boutique Surface to Air. The product placement worked, because we kind of want one. (If only we had an extra $1220 to spare on a single piece of outerwear.)