Avril Lavigne Cries Through Her “Wish You Were Here” Video

The video for Avril Lavigne’s third Goodbye Lullaby single “Wish You Were Here” features the poor Canadian singer having a good cry in an empty room while lamenting, “Damn, damn, damn, what I’d do to have you here, here, here.” And what is it with this trend of the ladies of pop setting things on fire lately? First Skylar Grey immolates herself in the video for “Invisible,” and now Avril’s getting all pyro with a flower in her new clip. Watch the sob fest below. Last night, before taking the stage in Turin, Italy, Avril tweeted, “My music video for ‘Wish You Were Here’ is coming out tomorrow (and the tears are real… no onions!!)”

There’s not really much to the Marc Webb-directed clip for the Max Martin/Shellback-co-produced “Wish You Were Here” — just Avril in a room, looking sad, lighting flora on fire and dunking her head underwater in a bathtub. But it all works given that the mournful song itself packs a strong emotional punch.

Overall, this is a nice way to end the Goodbye Lullaby era.

Are you feeling Avril’s emotional display in “Wish You Were Here”? Let us know below.