Kreayshawn And Snoop Dogg “Keep It Craccin’” In A New Track

Spelling is apparently not Kreayshawn’s strong suit, as evidenced by the title of her latest track “Keep It Craccin.’” Instead, the rich whore sticks to what she does best, which is sassy rapping — this time, alongside another witty rhymer we’re all pretty familiar with — the one and only Snoop Dogg (along with a verse by V-Nasty). The Trey Songz-remixed hipster chick has released a preview of her latest tune (sort of), talking and rapping over the track in a webcam session to keep it from being pirated. Think we’ll be seeing a Neon Hitch cover of this ditty any time soon? Head below for a taste.

What do you think of Snoop Dogg and Kreayshawn’s collaboration?

  • Marrell

    The song is actually spelled correctly, it’s spelled with two C’s because Snoop Dogg is a crip and, crips replace words with C and K next to them because CK means “Crip Killer” in the gang world. So the song is title “Keep It Craccin” instead of “Keep it Crackin” because of the reason I just stated.

  • Tanya

    Marrell, it does matter at this point because this is CRAP (capitalized C!). She sucks.

  • Hater

    V nasty fails.

  • kalie

    Kreayshawn can definitely rap…check out her live performance in NYC! it’s an awesome video

  • kiki

    wiggas be wiggas

  • Marrell

    Funny how Tonya said it sucks and the song hasn’t even been released yet. Just an ignorant opinion on an artist you don’t understand or care to understand.

  • Tanya

    This is a live concert with Kreayshawn not the promo lip singing link (above). Come on Marrell are you her family or her PR people?

  • kevincorcoranjr

    i love this new track! i was bummed after only hearing two songs and realizing that was all that was released… so stoked on this new song! Snoop dogg and her kill it together :)

  • Sun

    Horrible! Can’t believe that Snoop Dog has collaborated with Kreayshawn. What is going on with him? She sounds like she is drunk. What an annoying voice! Embarrassing for Snoop Dog.

  • Ratten

    Ahahaha! The fun part is that she is trying to act like a gangster! Vanilla Ice? LOL! kreayshawn, I AM SO SCARED! AHAHAHA! THE WGM!

  • Ade Kassim

    Oooww, this is dope! Her performance of Gucci Gucci is so sweet:
    Definitely voting for her for the VMAs

  • Sommur

    Ahaha! This not a live performance by Kreayshawn. This is a promo. She is usually out of tune! LOL!

  • AJ

    They make a sweet pair. Throw an acclaimed star in there with a new youngblood of a different style and I think it makes for an interesting mix. I can’t get “Gucci Gucci” out of my head.

  • DJ-R

    All those people above who can’t stop linking a promo concert of Kreayshawn (she is lip singing). Her PR people or family think we are stupid. Here’s the reality: Kreaysahwn can’t rap or sing live.

  • Jason Otkins

    Smart move by both Snoop and Kreayshawn here. By doing a track with WGM, he is basically giving them a co-sign from an established industry veteran, which helps legitimize them as mainstream artists. It also helps Snoop because having him featured with young up-and-coming artists helps extend his commercial relevance which tends to fade as you push 40. In the end, they both stay winning. : ]

  • Drake

    @jason It will help him IF she had talent but in case of Kreayshawn her voice sounds like an annoyiing animal in heat. In this case it will destroy his reputation. Kreayshawn is not mainstream material. She can’t barely make the Billboard 100 charts despite all the publicity around Gucci Gucci. The other songs she released are doing very poorly.

  • Marrell

    Honestly……..anyone would kill to be in her spot, all the hate is just because of what the music industry has turned into, people over analyzing music.

  • Flot

    Kreayshawn is an embarrassment for Snoop Dog. She is talentless. She can’t rap and when she sings she is out of tune. OK, Marrell, we got it you are her family. Only her family like this song. Ahahahahahahahahah!!!! IT’S SOOOOOOOOO BAD! IT’S FUNNY!