Cyndi Lauper Pulls A Christina Aguilera, Forgets Words To National Anthem

Why did Francis Scott Key make the lyrics to “The Star Spangled Banner” so damn difficult to remember? That’s what pop stars must be wondering, since Cyndi Lauper is only the latest diva to flub the words to the national anthem (after Christina Aguilera’s patriotic snafu at this year’s Super Bowl). The Lady Gaga champion was tapped to perform our nation’s theme song at the U.S. Open in New York after a moment of silence to tribute the victims of 9/11, but unfortunately jumbled up some of the words. Has this girl been too busy having fun to brush up on the lyrics to this venerable tune? Head below to watch.

Apparently Cyndi’s “True Colors” do not include red, white, and blue.

What do you think — honest mistake, or treason?

  • danny

    Boring voice too.

  • Benev

    Her voice sucks anyways. Xtina your the great singer

  • Xadax

    Ha ha haha (@Idolator)… Mean!

  • takakupo

    I honestly think it’s really dumb that anyone thinks this is a big deal.

  • boite a beaute

    Merci pour cette article super sympa ! La boite a beaute mutzig te remercie !