Selena Gomez’s New Tattoo: Real Or Fake?

Selena Gomez debuted a new edition to her We Own The Night tour wardrobe on Saturday night: a certain someone’s name inked onto her arm. When the VMA pre-show host took to the stage in Las Vegas, she sported boyfriend Justin Bieber’s name on the inside of her right wrist, complete with a heart underneath it. The 19-year-old has dabbled recently with temporary tattoos; getting her nickname in henna on her back. But did the When The Sun Goes Down songbird really have her main squeeze of less than a year added permanently to her skin? This looks like the work of a Sharpie marker to us. You be the judge: real or fake?

  • emily

    definitely fake

  • jessica

    fake why would she ??it stupid!1

  • bahahah

    … This is so fake it’s unreal. Some people are such idiots

  • britnee

    fake lol my 3 year old can write in marker better than that.

  • Julia

    FAKEEE well it better be! lol i write my bfs name on my wrist all the time!

  • jayyy

    She’s already said she can’t see herself marrying him in the future, it’s obviously fake! it looks fake too

    • cheetah

      Wat Ever Huhh.

  • cheetah

    Stop Saying Some Smack Abt Her Geesh>_<

  • RitaGurl

    ya’ll just leave da gurl alone… selena’s goin out wid justin, deal wid it!!!

  • RitaGurl

    Nd yea it prolly is fake….if dat wuz real im pretty sure papparazzi would have pix of her gttn da tattoo

  • Bri W.

    I’m guessing they were fooling around together and Justin drew it or maybe she did. Who cares really? I think its sweet :)

  • Selena

    If it is real i hope she knows other guys won’t be attracted to that. She said that she wouldn’t marry him, so would her husband like that? (if his name wasn’t Justin)

    If it is fake I thinks I think it is sweet. It shows she care for him(even if she is embarrassed to be seen with him.

  • justin

    it looks like sharpie marker

  • Marissa

    Fake! It looks like a Sharpie AND she said she couldn’t see herself marring him. Everyone would be talking about it if it were true!

  • Wendsday

    Gomez’s representative has confirmed to E! Online that the ink is not permanent. It looks like the word “Justin” and the heart below it were made with Magic Marker. Some even reported that by the time she left the stage, it had already begun to smudge.
    Oh! Thanks ! You can read more about it but I thought that part pooved it(= Definite fake

  • sarah

    Omg shut up! yes it might be fake, so? is she not allowed to write her boyfriends name on her wrist jheez :L stop getting pathetic over it.

  • dendanpen

    Selena’s “new tattoo”is fake.I mean that everybody can have a marker and draw something on their body.But even if it is fake or not,she can draw what she wants on her hand or somewhere else!!!

  • http://facebook dafne nava

    I hate JB

  • lilwayneluva

    definetly fake why would she do that??

  • Lilly

    its PROPER REAL!!! DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lilly

    i hate him too

  • cathy

    i dont think she would get the real thing i think shes smarter then that although i have been wrong before.

  • http://google aubreezy

    me to she should take it slow and then when justin gets older then they should do things then because selena will mess up her life if she goes higher befor her boy friend gets ol;der

  • ashley1103

    obviously fake its way to thick to be written but if its real that must have been a hell of a pain anyways who cares its her life YOLO thats the motto ♥