Ke$ha Gets Satanic On Alice Cooper’s “What Baby Wants”

According to Alice Cooper on his Ke$ha-featuring song “What Baby Wants”, the cannibalistic pop star has “razor blades instead of teeth” and will “take your bleeding heart and your soul / No regrets.” He forgot to mention that she’ll also take your thrown-out clothes. Jump below to hear the duo’s collaboration, off Cooper’s Welcome 2 My Nightmare.

Even with the animal-friendly pop star’s presence, the song is about as relevant as a leopard-print scrunchie tieing back Cooper’s mane. But we’re glad to have something to listen to while Ke$ha is off reinventing pop music for her next album.

Alice Cooper feat. Ke$ha — “What Baby Wants”

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  • Joy

    I think the most annoying thing about this is the numerous grammatical errors and I’m not talking about ya and gonna, but bath instead of bathe; your instead of you’re.

    • Becky Bain

      Don’t forget that this lyric video misspelled “veins”!

  • sam!

    love it.

  • leo

    now I feel I have more respect for Ke$ha ^-^!!