Tony Bennett & Mariah Carey Chime In With “When Do The Bells Ring For Me”

On the same day that the video for “Body And Soul,” Tony Bennett’s duet with Amy Winehouse, premiered, his pair-up with Mariah Carey from Duets II has also surfaced online. We already heard a short snippet of “When Do The Bells Ring For Me” two weeks ago. Now head below to hear Mimi and Tony croon the whole song together with a full orchestra.

Duets II is out next week (September 20). “It’s similar, of course, to the first Duets, but there may be a bit more spontaneity in this record since its the second time that we are doing this type of project,” Bennett told us recently.

What do you think of “When Do The Bells Ring For Me”? Did Mariah and Tony make sweet music together?


  • Shea Butter

    Amazing!!!! I love it!!!

    Tony is Amazing! His voice is clear, strong and well placed.

    Mariah is playing with the sound of her voice, and it is amazing! This is a great sound for her, it gives us a chance to her use her texture differently.

  • http://www.twitter/HBF82 HBF82

    When legends collide!
    What a stunning duet. Classic of it’s own.
    Mariah never fails to amaze me with her vocals. So lush.

  • TheHonorableJudge

    Mariah Carey never ceases to simply astound me! I’ve been an undying fan of hers since 1993 now, and I have never heard her use her vocals quite the way she does in this song. Given her usual style of singing, I must admit that I was skeptical about this pairing when I heard it was coming; but her vocals match Tony’s just superbly. Classic duet for sure!

  • Laurie

    I thought it was fabulous! Tony’s voice is still fantastic and there’s no one better than Mariah in my book, loved it!!

  • Oscar

    This song was really great! It sounds a bit like a christmas song and I love christmas songs! Tony Bennett’s voice is great, and, even though her voice has changed, Mariah sounds better than ever!

  • Courtney

    Their voices work really well together and of course Mariah’s sounds different she was 6 1/2 months pregnant with her twins when they recorded this in February of this year at her Los Angeles home because she was on bed rest by that point for medical reasons to keep her and the twins Healthy Tony even made a joke that he’d never recorded with a trio before. sure she missed a couple of notes at the end from pregnancy induced shortness of breath