Britney Spears Has The Blues (And Reds) On Her “Criminal” Single Cover

Britney Spears appears bathed in blue on the cover of her “Criminal” single, while looking over her right shoulder as a hooded “killer just for fun, fun, fun” is super-imposed in the background. It’s Brit’s fourth single off her chart-topping LP Femme Fatale, and it appears as if Camp Spears hired the best Photoshop expert $15 could buy when it came to designing the art. Oh, just kidding — we love red and blue! Makes us think of sex and, uh, ice-cold criminals. Or something.

  • Why at Work


    • Robbie Daw

      And she’s naked!

  • Justin M.

    Um..I totally wouldn’t doubt if this only cost 15 dollars! What’s up with the random floating guy in the background….I swear they found that pic online and just slapped it on! Oh, and the fonts look horrible together. This surely must be a fan made cover,
    But then again, I also thought that Gaga’s BTW cover was a fake…….

    What a pity. The song is excellent.

  • Brandon Hall

    Lol, is that even her body? Her head just looks so unnatural, and that guy looks like he has rape on the brain. I get the song is called Criminal, but come on! I love how the color scheme looks like a random filter from Photoshop.

    Honestly this is just all wrong.

  • Lol

    That’s probably the ugliest cover I’ve ever seen. It’s even worse than “Radar”.