Demi Lovato’s Letter To Her Fans Features New Song “Fix A Heart”

In anticipation of Demi Lovato’s Unbroken dropping on Tuesday, the troubled-turned-triumphant singer shared a video letter to her fans on her YouTube page. In the video, Demi opens up about turning her life around and starting fresh with this new set of tunes – and a new, positive outlook. Even better, we see her preparing for her Alma Awards performance, and get to hear a snippet of her new emotional song, “Fix A Heart”. Watch and listen below.

Though Demi has made her bid for the dancefloor with upbeat songs like “Who’s That Boy” and “All Night Long”, it’s clear she’s still working on herself in album track “Fix A Heart”: “You can bandage a damage / But you can never really fix my heart.” We haven’t even heard the full song yet and we’re already tearing up…