Jason Derulo Is Still “Breathing” In A New ‘Future History’ Track

It’s only been a week since we last heard a new track by Jason Derulo, so we haven’t had much time to miss the “Pick Up The Pieces” crooner. Nevertheless, he’s back (and heartbroken yet again) with the new song “Breathing.” The lovelorn Demi Lovato collaborator sings, “I only miss you when I’m breathing” over your typical Jason Derulo-ish dance beat, and while we wish we could express the same sentiment, it’s seriously only been a week. Still, if you happen to have missed Jason Derulo whilst breathing, blinking, salivating, or performing any other involuntary bodily function in the past seven days, head below for a listen to his latest Future History track.

So has Jason Derulo made adequate use of his lungs in “Breathing,” or are you sighing (or yawning) instead?