Haley Reinhart Comes Out Of Hiding For “God Bless The Child” Performance

While in New Orleans with her fellow Idols, jazz-crooning Top 3 contestant Haley Reinhart stopped by Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse and treated the crowd to a spontaneous performance of “God Bless The Child”. And thanks to other Season 10 singer Casey Abrams filming the whole 11-minute number, we, too, get to experience Haley’s bluesy growls. Watch below, and then go yell at Interscope for not giving us a Haley single yet.

W’e’re sure if Casey wasn’t filming at the time, he would have jumped on stage with Haley to jam out on the bass.

[Via EW Music Mix]

  • Oso

    too amazing for words!

  • http://popmusicnotes.com John

    I just got goosebumps. She can record Tibetan meditation music and I’d buy it. Bring on the new music!

  • Squirrellygirl

    I think Haley was the most underrated idol this season. She reminds me of David Cook in that she is versatile in many different music genres. Also like Cook, it appears they don’t know what box to put her music in. Is she jazz, hard rock, pop, or country? Seriously, this girl can do anything. Goosebumps. She is a phenomenon!

  • charlie

    What a total treat this performance is! Would have loved to have been in the club to hear it live. At her young age, she already has amazing vocal chops. They can only improve with more experience and exposure. Almost seems like she is channeling Sarah and Ella.
    I sure hope the world is ready for someone fresh and new like Haley. Would be great if she achieves the same level of success as Norah Jones. GO HALEY! LOVE YOU!

  • Tom

    wow that was a hell of a lot of fun ..

    I’m not sure most people have an ear for the chord progresions to really enjoy the degree play and surpise etc in that sort of thing..

    … i’ve been listening to all her idol perfomaces many times a week… I do that with music.. I’ve got a couple dozen grateful dead live recordings that i’ve listened to for years.. they don’t get old

    the way she opens and closes notes and plays with intonations and pases through progressins in growl or something really resonates even in the pop songs that she covered.

  • Kyle

    This is a must see performance – not a ‘thats nice’ but a MUST SEE!
    God I hope the world would get a chance to view this – but since this is but a ‘taste’ of what Haley is now capable of – they will know soon enough….

  • Justin

    Wow – Haley and James are my 2 favorites from this year, and I was just wondering where Haley has been. I’m glad to see James in the news practically every day with his album coming out and his new single Stand Up for the NFL, which is fantastic. But where is Haley’s single? And when is her album coming out? Is she even working on anything yet? I check the news every morning for James and Haley and I hardly ever see anything in the news about her anymore.

  • http://aol lisaenNC

    i didn’t think she could be any worse than she was on american idol. I was wrong!!!!! Geez, will someone get this girl a tuning fork?

  • Earthling

    @lisaenNC You are 55 and lonely aren’t you? You visit Haley pages just to seek a response, because to you it’s like being talked to in a way no one will do to you in person. The love Haley receives is something you are craving.

  • Justin

    Wow …this was a really bizarre response!

  • Miguel

    lisaenNC, where do you want us to send your tuning fork?

    Irvin Mayfield later invited Haley to perform at Carnegie Hall with him, so your derogatory comments only serve to make you look foolish.