Backstreet Boys Get “Lost In Space” On New Song

God bless the Backstreet Boys, still trudging along after all these years. They memorably merged with also long-ago-peaked boy band New Kids On The Block in hopes of scoring a revival based on pure nostalgia, but it now seems like BSB is willing to upgrade to current trends to stay afloat on the more-than-bloated pop scene. Evidence: new electronic-tinged song “Lost In Space”, produced by Jim Jonsin. Blast off below.

The track begins with some futuristic synth beats, and quickly devolves into a personality-less dance track comprised almost exclusively with vague concepts (“Let’s get lost in space”) and barely-trying rhymes (“Everybody come out to play / Let me hear you say ay, ay, ay”). We’ll take “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” any day over this.

Backstreet Boys – “Lost In Space”

[Via PopDust]

  • Guilherme Tintel

    It’s cool but it’s BSB :S

  • Loyal

    This is NOT a new song. They’re going back in to the studio this October, new single by Spring 2012. This is an unreleased track from their PREVIOUS album.

  • Erika

    I like it to be honest. I know people are gonna hate it cause it’s Backstreet Boys, but I think it’s good. They’re trying something different. A lot of people have. Britney. Christina. Why can’t they do that as well?

  • Erika

    And since when is upbeat pop supposed to have deep lyrics? o.o

  • Larisa

    Kevin come baaaacccckkk!!!!!!

  • Keri

    I haven’t heard the song yet but there’s a reason they didn’t put it on their album. This is not a newly recorded song but left over from a previous album. Why are websites writing reviews of this song as if it’s their new single when they never mention when they actually release a song?
    People should also keep in mind that this is most likely a demo which means that if they actually decided to use it they would have changed their vocals and the music a little to make it better.

  • Jessie Smithers

    I stell Love The Backsteert Boys all 1993—-2011

  • Jessie Smithers

    But I love Katy Perry to

  • Jessie Smithers

    But i love the backsteert boys a lot

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