Greyson Chance Performs “Hard To Handle” On ‘Raising Hope’

Piano-playing wunderkind Greyson Chance made his TV acting debut on the season premiere of Raising Hope last night. His co-stars couldn’t stop raving about his appearance, and we have to agree that the 14-year-old (who is really growing into his voice) did a bang-up job on the sitcom, performing Otis Redding’s “Hard To Handle.” Below, watch the Hold On ‘Til The Night singer on the show, then stay for the lil dude singing the full rockin’ song.

Here he is on the show, playing the younger version of Jimmy Chance (Chance? It was clearly fate) who never knew he was musically-inclined.

And here’s the video Greyson uploaded following the episode, featuring him performing the full song:

Greyson sounds fantastic (and plays those 88 keys pretty well, too!) on this tune originally written in the late 60s. Maybe he should be doing more of this, and less schmaltzy ballads that reference Facebook?

[Via PopCrush]