Rihanna & Calvin Harris “We Found Love”: Listen

Sep 22nd, 2011 // 20 Comments
"We Found Love" video
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Rihanna and Calvin Harris take things straight to the club on their collaborative new jam “We Found Love,” which serves as the lead single from the Barbadian babe’s upcoming sixth album. Harris’ production is bright and fizzing with blips and bleeps, while Rihanna really wants the “we found a love in a hopeless place” refrain to be burned into your mind — hence her repeating it what seems like one hundred times. Listen to Ri’s latest and weigh in on it below!

How do you think “We Found Love” stacks up against some of Rihanna’s other lead singles, like “SOS,” “Umbrella” and “Only Girl (In The World)”? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below.

  1. Adam

    “Only Girl” was better. It’s okay—will do great on Hot 100, I am sure, but it just continues to prove Rihanna is only a hit with a good beat.

  2. ZMH

    Calvin Harris rocks. he’s so great in this it should be billed as “Calvin Harris featuring rihanna”. in fact any vocalist will do the trick!

  3. sv

    Catchy enough, but boring. She really needs to take a break… her music as of late lacks depth and creativity. Just another generic club beat with a girl saying the same lyric a bunch of times.

  4. Well, it is better than some of the singles that she took from Loud. Another great dance song for Rihanna. I think it is way better than Only Girl.

  5. No way near the quality of Only Girl or Umbrella, best 1st singles in her career, but it’ll work ok… There are a few artists out there that NEED to take a vacation like right now (GaGa, Guetta, Pitbull) and now I shall add Rihanna to that list… 6 discs in 6 years is way too much…

  6. tammy

    Dear RIHANNA: I love love love everything you put out!!! HOWEVER: SIX ALBUMS IN SIX YEARS is too much ! take A break girl…I’ll still love you when you are not around!

  7. fuzzywuzzy39

    I love Rihanna but this song sucks. It’s repetitive and lacks any originality. Just your typical club banger.

  8. Its okey but her older songs are wayyy better…

  9. Arvin

    I hate how people are telling her to take a break! Let the girl make music! She’s passionate about what she does! Let her be! I LOVE THE NEW SONG!

  10. Justin M.

    Love It!! I love Calvin Harris…..adding Rihanna’s voice to one of his great beats is heaven! Such a fun dance song :)

  11. Hey



  12. Definitely a typical club banger, but holy smokes that’s catchy. I’m a fan.

  13. GLEN

    I agree ! the song is catchy but then again as an artist she bores me because this song sounds too much alike like previous work ! it repeats too much and lack total creativity sorry to say but RiRi has no talent for me her team is what keeps her going ! the only good thing she change is that annoying ass read hair thank god ! She didn’t take a risk and this just seems like “Loud” even “Louder” ! LOl nothing different nothing riskier take notes from Beyonce Ri Ri

  14. It’s a completely different song than “SOS”, “Umbrella” or “Only Girl”. With that being said, though, Calviin Harris is known for making lighter dance tracks like he did here – it just leaves me disappointed that more didn’t go into the track.

  15. Pezzullo


  16. Q

    I like this song. But I like Umbrella even better. I am sick of hearing people talk about the Illuminati!

  17. Jo Dunn

    Loving this song. Keep up the good work hun your doing well. We are lucky to have such good music to listen to. =D

  18. Anti-Gadhafi Soldier

    Ri-Ri found love in a hopeless SIRTE. That love is a Gadhafi..

  19. kamara

    i propper love rihanna shes my fav singer eva xx i really wanna meet her <3 i love yhuu rihanna xxx

  20. Celeste

    Justin bieber is so cute and handsome lol

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