Rihanna & Calvin Harris “We Found Love”: Review Revue

Early this morning, Rihanna and Calvin Harris’ collaborative single “We Found Love” hit the Internet, radio and, eventually, iTunes. With the eupho-Ri-a over a brand new song from the Barbadian fox ahead of the release of her sixth album (out November 21) still gripping us all these hours later, we felt obliged to snoop around and see what the rest of the World Wide Web had to say about the uplifting dance jam. Read on, pop fanatics!

:: The Guardian cracks, “…she could have recited Nick Clegg’s conference speech from Wednesday over the sound of Harris cracking his knuckles and it would be a hit, so here’s to album number seven this time next year.”

:: Yours truly notes on Chart Rigger the following: “‘We found love in a hopeless place’ might just be the best pop lyric of 2011, and I’m not just saying that because Rihanna sings it about 20 times (or more)…”

Calvin Harris:: Newsday agrees: “It’s a club anthem in the broadest sense, but its spare lyrics, which largely revolve around Rihanna chanting ‘We found love in a hopeless place,’ are poignant and sweetly triumphant.”

:: Grantland quips, “The spotlight is on the bleeps and bloops, the beat buildup and breakdowns, those dramatic whoosh noises. People who regularly attend the Electric Zoo festival: Rihanna wants your money!”

:: PopCrush digs RiRi and Calvin’s pair-up, as well: “‘We Found Love’ is danceable but feels much brighter than a typical club banger, which makes it an ideal choice to preview the singer’s next record…”

:: The Smoking Section was feeling lovey-dovey, too: “The track’s produced by Calvin Harris and it’s all the way upbeat, much like finding love arguably should be. Feels like a perfect fit for A Night At The Roxbury dance scene and all I want to do right now is prance around and clap.”

:: Entertainment Weekly‘s Music Mix couldn’t get past the artwork: “…judging by the single cover, her place doesn’t look too hopeless, does it? Maybe there’s a building on fire outside the frame, and that fire hydrant doesn’t work. I guess that would be hopeless.”

:: The Prophet Blog made Shakespeare roll over in his grave after digging deep into his soul for this one: “It’s real cute.”

:: And PopJustice took the art of music reviews to an even higher level: “It sounds exactly like you’d expect a Rihanna and Calvin Harris song to sound. That is our review.”

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sumit-Rajdev/100000619511016 Sumit Rajdev

    Absolutely love it! :)

  • Oso

    it’s a no for me…
    bring absolutely nothing new to the table.

  • love riri

    Love Riri but this one sucks. Needs more of the stellar vocals, more Riri, less of that electro crap.

  • James

    Its a great song, can’t go wrong with calvin harris.

  • James

    I really dig it.
    Cant go wrong with calvin harris
    i like how all of her songs have a different sound.

  • ERIC

    The absolute most boring song Rihanna has ever released. Did Harris thought he’ll make her sound edgy by adding those speed-up’s and a Ibiza-summer-house music vibe? NOT

    Her deliver is lifeless and mechanic, the lyrics are unbearably repetitive and stupid and her vocals are autotuned to death. The production is very cute and breezy at moments, but comes out as lazy overall.

    1.3/5 Just for the production.

  • James

    rihanna + calvin harris production = pretty. damn. good.

    it’ll be played at my club gigs this weekend, that’s for sure.

  • Tiffany

    I love love love this song! It’s about time something so positive came out. It makes me dance everytime I hear it, and I love that it is so simplistic. Two thumbs up.

  • Calvin Harris Is a God and Rihanna’s pretty cool

    I absoloutely love this song. I normally can’t even be bothered writing on websites like this but I love this so much I just had to spread the love. Everyone should love this song.
    I agree with the reviews; not only does this song have a great dance beat to it; and it has a quality which is rare amongst dance tracks: poignant lyrics.
    Its lyrics have a great hopeful meaning; whereas most dance track lyrics effectively make me want to puke at how generic and meanigless they are. Perhaps the best example that comes to mind is “Welcome to St.Tropez” Great beat, but the lyrics make me want to cringe and laugh at the same time.

  • kiki

    god, i know this is a comments section but — dude — syntax and grammar.


    i love rihanna but i have to say no to this song as the first single it is a good song but i would of liked something different than what is popular.

  • sisa sly

    hate it

  • Neisha

    Amazing ! Jus amazing. Rihanna + That male model = Straight sexy !
    & that song = even sexier . Best song of 2011 hands down.
    Riri yu killed it again <3 !

  • Diana

    Love this song!!! Really good beat!!!

  • http://facebook rachael hellings

    it is true i met my partner in a hostal and was they did not help us and now nearly five mnts on we av our own place now and love each other so much