Cady Groves “This Little Girl” Video: Idolator Premiere

Sep 23rd, 2011 // 33 Comments
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The music video for Cady Groves’ sassy single “This Little Girl” is finally here, and as we gathered earlier this week from the visual tease for the Nathan Cox-directed clip, the 21-year-old songstress sets out to find evidence that her boyfriend is cheating. She catches him red-handed (not to mention with his hands all over another girl). But as we know, revenge can sometimes be very, very sweet. Catch Cady’s video below, and watch out for Blake Shelton’s comical cameo!

Cady’s man is withholding affection from her after a date, so with her suspicion’s aroused, she hides in her car outside another girl’s house with a pair of binoculars and stakes out the place. Enter country superstar tow truck driver Blake Shelton, who is determined to get “this little girl” off the street.

“I don’t know if window-peepin’ is illegal, but it is illegal to park right here,” Blake informs a frustrated Cady.

Later, Groves’ cheatin’ (see that — Shelton has us dropping our Gs!) man leaves his other girlfriend’s house, but the singer is lying in wait in the shadows in the backseat of the car.

“I was dating someone who I genuinely thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with,” Groves told us when we visited the set of the music video, while explaining the back story for  her Kristian Lundin-produced single. “He ended up having a whole separate life apart from me that I still can’t even digest to this day.”

We won’t tell you what happens next in the vid, but let’s just say there’s a bit of tickle torture via a pink feather and some duct tape involved.

What do you think of Cady’s music video for the first single off her upcoming album? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter!


  1. Jaci

    Oh my god……….this is fabulous. Cady Groves is my hero. Legit. <3

  2. Like the end of the fantasy – and Blake Shelton a/k/a father figure to all aspiring young women stars, well you know he’s gonna be on the “right” side.

  3. g

    ilove it and clikc this for me

    The dudes of Good Charlotte say “Alright, Cool Yeah” GCTV

  4. Lizzy

    “What do you think of Cady’s first music video?”
    It’s not her first music video. She has had 2 of them. “Real with Me” and “One in the Same”

  5. Phoebe

    This one’s a lot better than her other two though. Great job :)

  6. Conie

    wow My liltte friend Cady McGroves look at you go, great job .Love you momma Connie

  7. Dan

    I like the song, but the video was NOT good. The concept was ridiculous and made no sense at the end… horrible acting, and the cameo was unnecessary and clearly just thrown in for the star power.

  8. Even Cady was saying it’s her first music video, I think they just mean professionally, those other videos were before she got signed.

  9. diana

    OMG!! candence!!! this is amazing!!

  10. Iks

    Loved it! Can’t wait for her new album!

  11. John Atkinson

    Fabulous!!! Gr8 video!! Luv it!! Should be well worth the effort!

  12. lk

    All I saw was a music video not living up to the brutality of the words. ”You’re not the only one walking around with a loaded gun” suggested something a lot more sinister than duct tape, in my opinion ;)
    It was alright, and I quite enjoyed the little acting in the middle. I just wish it would have been Cady chasing him round trying different ways to kill him in the act or something. Think more ”cell block tango” than ”avril lavigne girlfriend”.


  13. cate

    thank u cady for the warning on facebook. when i saw all those guys taped on the wall i suddenly understood what “watch it or i’ll tape your ass to the wall!” means…..

  14. Rex

    Not good. Bad acting, the references to violence is a bad model. Hate the hair!

  15. shay111

    i think she is a really good singer and she is beautiful but the whole cheating on miranda thing i mean come on. i say to stay with miranda you wont ever get someone like that.

  16. joe

    Miranda should shake him from her coattail. Let this little girl give him what he deserves. He was nobody before Miranda, now lets see what he can make out of this vulgar chick. Something lke this gal is what will be the end of Blake Shelton. Sooner the better I’d say for Miranda Lambert. Blake and Cady are a perfect match and I don’t mean in heaven!!!!

    • star city gal

      BTW Joe – Blake was a well-known country singer long before Miranda was in his life. Get your info straight – you must not be a country music fan.

  17. amazing omg i cant get enough, why isent this all over the radio she rocks the song rocks..jessus i would never have the guts to sing this but she omg..
    but even though everything about this song is amazing it inspires crazy chicks to kill their scumbag boy friends.,.but rock’n

  18. meg

    This is NOT country. It’s an alright song….. but it is DEFINITELY not country.

  19. JJL2U

    Wow, from what we know now, was the message in the song a subtle warning? Blake has a beautiful wife, on his second go around, Imo, he should NOT push his luck (if that’s what is going on?), that’s risky business.

  20. miguel

    what is the guys name she is stalking

  21. Manda

    Isn’t she supposed to be a country singer? She sounds like Rihanna or something. O_O

    And I don’t know WTF people are saying about him being into her, but he looked at her like she was a child, not like he wanted to do something with her. I dunno why people think he’s somehow involved with this girl. The way SHE talks about him is disturbing and borderline stalkerish but that doesn’t mean he wants anything to do with her.

  22. Can’t hold a candle to Miranda!

  23. Monet

    I wonder how everyone would react to this video if the gender roles were reversed.

  24. katie

    Horrible… every girl is capable of murder? really? maybe if the chick wasnt so psycho a guy wouldnt cheat on you…

  25. Kate

    Cute song… however, this is NOT by any means country music and from what I understand you label yourself as a country artist. Negative friend. Also, take your own advice in this song and watch what you say about another womans husband. It is OK to have a little crush on Mr. Blake, heck I do, but it is NOT OK to talk about what a cute couple the two of you would make and how great you look on his arm and how it is “too bad he is married”… if someone said those things about my husband I would be giving them a little phone call. Marriage isn’t like having a boyfriend, you will learn that one day.

  26. JACKIE


  27. star city gal

    Good Lord – that was AWFUL. Everything about the video stunk – the song, the lyrics, the acting. Far cry from country music. What is this girl – 12 years old? Bad, bad, bad. I pity the young girls thinking these are appropriate lyrics – they’ll sound like fools.

  28. kamer

    uhm, this is NOT country lol…. pitiful!!!

  29. kamer

    and it isnt even good lyrics, you look like a kid, BE A KID!!!!

  30. Elmo

    This is not country. Should leave our genre.

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