“Daddy’s Little Girl” Is A Ballerina And A Stripper In J. Cole’s New Video

Cole Worldlooks like a pretty grim (and child-inappropriate) place to be, at least from what we see in J. Cole’s latest music video for “Daddy’s Little Girl.” Ever since we got a look at the Cole World track list, we had a feeling we’d be hearing a rumination on how kids grow up and lose their innocence too fast and such, and we were right — the clip tells a none-too-subtle (but still fairly effective) story of a young ballerina who eventually puts those dancing skills to good use around a stripper pole, while the doughnut-lover raps mournfully elsehwere. Check out the video for the Cole World: The Sideline Story bonus track below.

Our take? We say this visual could use a bit more J. Cole, and perhaps an added location or two, since what we do see grows a little tiresome as it goes on without much variation. Still, all in all it’s an admirable, low-key video that makes its point with a minimum of frills and flashiness.

What’s your take?