Kelly Clarkson Tears Through The Bad Press In “Mr. Know It All” Video

If you thought the Mr. in Kelly Clarkson’s “Mr. Know It All” video was going to be some dude who beat the singer at a game of Scrabble, then surprise — turns out she’s lashing out at the press and gossip bloggers in her latest clip. As we caught from the teaser vid, Kelly sings in front of a wall covered with newspaper and magazine clippings about her. We also catch her watching footage of herself dancing on a bar then drunkenly falling off the edge on a gossip blog.

Oh, sure — there is a faceless fella we occasionally see Clarkson standing in front of and singing to with a vindictive look gleaming in her eyes. But the anti-rumor theme becomes crystal clear at the end of the Justin Francis-directed clip, when the iHeartRadio Music Festival performer tears the articles off the wall to reveal a road outside.

The singer steps through the barrier of bad press with her suitcase, letting us know that her life would not suck without all the unwanted attention. And, just like the song itself — which serves as the lead single off Kelly’s upcoming album Stronger — things become hopeful and upbeat for the First Lady Of American Idol once more.

Overall, it’s a great visual that matches the tone and feel of the song perfectly.

What do you think of Kelly’s latest video? Let us, uh, know it all below.

  • Riley

    Love the video! I agree it fits perfectly with the song. I like how it goes from the cool lighting scenes, to a simple western backdrop. I might not have finished with the western road…but I hope that’s where the new video starts.

  • danny

    For me I like the video and the song separately. As one, i think it’s pretty much a flat line. Was kinda bored.

  • Jay


  • Benjamin

    Kelly can do better…her management, stylist, media direction needs to take it up a notch…this looks like she just got out of American Idol last week rather than almost ten years ago…Kelly, you are amazing…Please move forward!!!!

  • AMF

    You go girl! Love it!

  • Kelly

    I think the video and the song are awesome. She looks more mature and sexy. And her vocals are outstanding.

  • http://Idolator Jo

    Her voice has matured to a richness she didn’t have before. I love the song it sends out a good message for all. Don’t ever think you know everything about anybody.
    Amazing song!

  • Charlotte

    I think her song is awsome <3
    better than the last ones she has got a much more mature voice!!