Bruno Mars “It Will Rain”: Listen To The ‘Twilight’ Soundtrack Song

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As you might imagine from a tortured love dirge featuring on the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1 soundtrack, Bruno Mars“It Will Rain” is more “Grenade” than “The Lazy Song.” The 25-year-old Grammy winner warns on the single, “If you ever leave me, baby, leave some morphine at the door / ’cause it would talk a whole lot of medication to realize what we used to have we don’t have it anymore.” Wait — is this a page out of Bella’s diary?

Bruno goes on, lamenting that there will be no sunshine or blue skies if his love walks out on him — which, if you think about it, sounds like the ideal situation for vampires. Hmmmm.

We can already picture Twilight fans, um, eating this song up, given its melancholy synths and strings, which are wrapped around Mars’ anguished vocal delivery. (So far “It Will Rain” is at #18 on iTunes on the morning of its first day on sale.)

What do you think of Bruno Mars’ “It Will Rain”? Is it a song you can sink your teeth into? Let us know below, and we’ll promise to stop there with the lame vamp imagery!

  • NolaChick

    Ugh! This is awful! The only saving grace may be the fact that the singles from the last two soundtracks were terrible, but there were some great songs on them. New Moon was by far the best soundtrack, but worst movie. Eclipse soundtrack was good, but knowing that Stephanie had a hand in picking the songs for Breaking Dawn, I knew it would be total rubbish.

  • Khleo

    beautiful song…i love bruno mars’ love songs…they are so deep

  • Solease Marks-Barner

    I think it is beautiful and is sooo Edward I hope it is his song because it is him all the way. I cannot wait to hear entire soundtrack!!!!!

  • LMG

    I see this at the glade where he took Bella and proposed (?) or was it where he took her in Twilight. Not sure really. But this is a very telling Edward Cullen song in my opinion and, to me, doesn’t say Bella Swan at all.

  • Maci

    I love this song! I agree with Solease Marks-Barner! All the way Edward!…..I imagine it will be an emotional part of the movie with Edward, Jake,And Bella!

  • Jenifer/Sommer Samuels

    SO a love making anthem. So sweet. Even makes my tough lady melt. Love love love it! & the fact that it’s part of my furture ex-wife’s movie (Miss Kristen Stewart), makes it even better. (: Hehe. <3


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