James Durbin To Release Debut Album This November

Sep 27th, 2011 // 6 Comments

American Idol Season 10 metal enthusiast James Durbin has announced a title and release date for his debut album, Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster. According to Durbin, the title “means looking back on events in my life, to see the beauty in the pain.” (It’s maybe just a smidge too similar to Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, though, no?) The album will drop November 21, the same day as other LPs from Rihanna, Daughtry and Taylor Swift. If you want a taste of what to expect, jump below to hear his rockin’ new song “Stand Up”, off Official Gameday NFL Music Vol. 2.

James’ album will be released on Wind-Up Records, who also boast acts like Evanescence, Five For Fighting and Creed. It has not been confirmed if “Stand Up” will also appear on James’ LP.

So far, three of Idol Season 10′s Top 4 have announced debut album release dates. Can someone please explain where the wonderful Haley Reinhart is in all this? Free Haley!


  1. Justin

    I agree – where is Haley????? But seriously, I’m so excited about James Durbin’s CD and I really, really like the song Stand Up. I can’t wait to see what is on it – but I think he did confirm by twitter that Stand Up was not for the CD back when he was recording it. He also said on twitter the other day that he was shooting promos for the NFL the other night. It should be interesting to see what they are going to do with that song. So excited with all the great James stuff coming up – NFL promo, first single release (which he said they just picked), album at Thanksgiving…woohoo! Now…come on Haley and my life will be complete!

  2. Toink

    Maybe Haley is in some awesome cave in an awesome cliff by an awesome sea writing awesome music and recording an awesome album which could make late 2011 or early 2012 really awesome. But whatever she is doing right now I’m sure she’s taking it slowly but surely. I just wish to hear a single before the year ends.

  3. Kelsey

    Haley said that she wasn’t going to fully begin working on her debut album till after the tour. She’s done some little things here and there, but she’s not as far into the recording process as the others. I’m kinda shocked that James is coming out with an album so quickly. Yeah, I get that he was probably working on stuff since he was eliminated, but it still seems like it’s being put together too hastily. It’s just nuts to me that he has a release date, title, has seen the artwork of his album, and is already deciding on a single. Haley on the other hand, wants to take her time with her debut album. It’ll probably end up coming out sometime in early 2012 as a result. Hopefully we’ll get a single before the year ends. I need something to tide me over while I wait for her album.

  4. Ellie

    Haley is going to do just great– no need to bring anyone else down. If you know James, he’s not one to wait– he’s always working on something, as he said on the show. It’s how James rolls. He also has a family to support. I think his album will be awesome! The single of his for the NFL album totally rocks. If his album will be anything like that, it will rock, too.

    About the similarilty with Kanye’s album title? Give me a break. LOVE me some James Durbin!

  5. Whatever

    I don’t like Stand Up that much. I’m hoping he will do even greater stuff for his debut album.

  6. Maxine

    I don’t mind James and quiet like his Stand Up number, I wish him well, but there’s no comparison between James and Adam Lambert. Adam is the best in the industry and I think James will need to work very hard to be in the same league.

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