Britney Spears Is All Smiles While Talking To KISS FM In London

Not every Brit is annoyed at Ms. Spears’ antics in Londontown. Britney recently stopped by KISS FM’s UK office (wearing that adorable flannel number), and talked about throwing a Spiderman-themed birthday party for her son Jayden, discussed possibly trying acting again next year, and says she could never be a judge on a show like The X Factor because “it would be hard to tell someone [no].” Best of all, she was fresh-faced, happy, and giggling like the old Britney. Watch the Femme Fatale‘s interview below and try not to smile, too.

It’s nice to finally see a recent interview of Spears that isn’t heavily edited to cut out any non-pre-approved moments.Though she’s still being thrown softballs, it really feels like Brit and the three KISS FM DJs are just having a natural conversation as opposed to the pop star trudging her way through answering random questions.

[Via PopDust]