Adam Lambert Talks Fashion With Heidi Klum

Adam Lambert showed us just how knowledgeable he was about fashion during his stint as a guest judge on Project Runway last week, and in his new one-on-one with Runway host Heidi Klum, we get a more intimate look at Glambert’s personal style. “I look 12 if I don’t have makeup on,” Adam says jokingly. Jump below to check out the gorgeous twosome discuss fashion, music and more.

Adam, who describes himself as a “jacket fiend”, says his new obsession is men’s platform boots – much like the ones in his “If I Had You” video. And as for his current edgy do, complete with silver tips, he told his hairstylist he wanted to look like “a wolf”. Hey, it beats wearing those trendy spirit hoods.

He also admits he listens to his own (new) songs while driving in the car, just so he can make sure he really loves what he’s hearing. We’ll gladly sit shotgun in Adam’s car anytime if it means getting a preview of his new tunes!

[Via MJs Big Blog]

  • Bruce Bing

    Awwwwwwwww………he’s so adorable. Love him ♥

  • Adam Fan

    LOVE THIS MAN!! Heidi and Adam look so nice together. Cute interview.

  • brownie5808

    That’s WAS a cute interview- AS much as I love him singing, I could also listen to him talk all day!! What’s not to love about adam, he is one of a kind in everyway!!

  • Lissy

    Aw they were so cute talking to each other!

  • Amiss

    Adam is so loveable.. love to hear him talking .. always sincere, nice, funny and ADORABLE:)) Thanks for the interview:)

  • Laura Corn

    These two interviews were so much fun to watch. Adam, in my opinion, doesn’t give a bad interview, but the chemistry between Adam and Heidi was very cute, almost flirty. She calls him beautiful as do his fans, thank you very much.

  • Judy Lushnman

    Yes Laura Corn “almost flirty.” Adam got a way with flirting with everyone, male and female alike. He is so adorable. I love him to pieces.

  • Angel

    I love love ADAM! He is so adorable!