James Durbin’s ‘Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster’ Album Cover Unveiled

Today Revolver revealed the cover for James Durbin’s upcoming debut LP Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster. And it turns out that finishing in fourth place on American Idol isn’t the only thing the heavy metal enthusiast has in common with Chris Daughtry — in addition to Durbin and Daughtry’s upcoming albums being released on the same day (November 21), both were produced by Howard Benson. But who’s will rock harder? We’ve already had a first taste of Daughtry’s LP. Any thoughts?

  • Valarie

    James tweeted that a song called ‘Outcast’ written by Swedish metal band, Hardcore Superstar had made the album. That is the one that features Mick Mars on guitar. So, I am guessing that James’ album will rock harder. I am also guessing that I will love both Durbin and Daughtry. I am NOT guessing when I say I will buy both albums. I love those fourth place finishing rockers. :)

  • CNB

    I hope Durbin’s music won’t be as depressing as his gloomy album cover. He looks like a refugee from a war-torn country during World War II.

  • Bev

    WOW !!! I love his album cover !!! each to his own.