Susan Boyle Goes For A Classic & Classy Look In “You Have To Be There” Video

The video for Susan Boyle’s cover of Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus’ Kristina musical number “You Have To Be There” is a black and white affair that finds the Scottish songbird trilling away in front of a full orchestra. (What, did you expect her to be dressed up like a mermaid or attending a wild house party with Rebecca Black?) It’s pretty standard fare for SuBo, but as we know, that usually translates into millions of CDs being sold. Her third album Someone to Watch Over Me arrives stateside on November 1. Does this video have you wanting to pick up a copy?

  • Kathy

    Yes indeed I’ll pick up a copy. All of the songs from the CD that I’ve already heard are terrific. This CD is going to be great.

  • Ling Ling Ng

    I will buy her album whenever she decides to put out one.

  • stevieboy

    No, I shall not be picking up a copy. I shall be picking up 20 copies! This CD will, in my estimation, break all records and outsell Susan’s debut album (and that is saying something!)
    The tracks heard to date are all just breathtaking and have already endeared themselves to many of ALL ages!
    I cannot wait to see the videos for the other three tracks on the special CD/ DVD version.
    Assuming that they are of similar quality to the one above, that DVD will be something truly special.

  • Joyce Kershaw

    I can’t wait for her latest cd. So glad that there will be a cd/dvd version too. I’m sure it will be another big hit!