Beyonce Reveals She’ll Give Birth In February

While sitting down with Australian TV show Sunday Night, glowing mama-to-be Beyonce revealed that she’s due to give birth in February. For those unwilling to do basic math, that means she’s about five months along — which also means she and Jay-Z conceived around the time her fourth album 4 was released. As she says in her new single “Countdown”, trying to “make a three from a two” didn’t turn out to be too difficult after all! Watch the whole interview below.

The interview shows a copious amount of clips of self-described “workaholic” Beyonce throughout her life  — as a young child performing for her family; thrilling crowds as part of Destiny’s Child; on-set of her music videos; and traveling the world during her year-long break.

“I’m so grateful I’m alive and I’m living a dream,” she whispers into the camera during an intimate moment alone. “I’m living my dreams.”

Of her pregnancy, Beyonce says right now is the perfect time to expand her family. “My husband and I have been together for 10 years,” she said. “All of my 20s. I feel like it is time…. And I’m so happy.”

At the conclusion of the interview, Sunday Night‘s “Molly” Meldrum presents Bey with two baby gifts — a little knit bootie, and a plush Kangaroo with a baby joey in its pouch! Altogether now: awwww.

  • A.D.

    Where does she say that she’s going to give birth in february in this video? She doesn’t. The voiceover guy does.

  • sam

    Or will her surrogate give birth in February? See around the 0:58-1:00 mark for Beyonce’s ‘baby bump’ deflate like a ball of foam. I have never seen a pregnant woman’s belly do that, esp when they are that big. There is nothing authentic about this woman, it’s disgusting. Why not just come out and admit to hiring a surrogate, why fake a pregnancy with foam bump and all?

    • Becky Bain

      Have you seen the recent photos of Beyonce in a bikini, OBVIOUSLY pregnant? I’d wager that the weird “deflation” in the video is due to her wearing some sort of pregnancy spanx, and it making her bump look a bit weird while she’s sitting down. That’s a lot more believable than her faking her pregnancy, no?