Kreayshawn Talks About Sex With Nardwuar The Human Serviette

Whenever Nardwuar The Human Serviette interviews someone, it’s always a classy affair (witness his off-the-wall one-on-one with Lil Wayne from the spring). So why should his meeting with highly quotable rapstress Kreayshawn be any different? Head below to watch the “Gucci Gucci” minx discuss the 112 song she lost her virginity to, doing her homework in the sex shop warehouse her mom used to work at and her alleged “romantic collaboration” with Da Brat. Nardwuar kicks things off by surprising Kreayshawn with vinyl copies of some of the early ’90s punk records that her mom sang on — and that Kreayshawn made appearances on, in one way or another.

Later, things inevitably get sexy. “I did lose my virginity to a 112 song, ‘We Can Do It Anywhere’,” Kreayshawn says. “So I have a very strong connection with these guys, and I think they made great baby-making music. And we need more positive babies being made.”

Preach, girl.