Kelly Rowland Lays All Over A Bunch Of Shirtless Men In “Lay It On Me” Video

You have to hand it to Kelly Rowland — she has the right mix of songs that are clicking with the US audience in 2011, and she’s looking sexier than ever. Case in point is her video for Here I Am single “Lay It On Me,” which finds the UK Cosmopolitan cover girl lounging around in a backless white number on the backs of the half-naked gentlemen surrounding her. See if you can handle Ms. Kelly’s latest clip below.

There’s plenty of not-so-subtle imagery, such as when Kelly stretches out a Slinky and rubs it all over her body (kids, really don’t try this at home), and her co-star Susie The Elephant takes its trunk and, er, lays it on Rowland.

Perfect visual for a sexy song that picks up right where Kelly’s steamy summer hit “Motivation” left off.

Now let’s see if she can nab that Favorite Female Artist American Music Award in the Soul/R&B category away from fellow nominees Beyonce and Rihanna next month!

  • RYK101

    It’s hot, you know REALLY hot, what bodies those men have, makes me want to the gym right now, the song is meh nothing important to be honest, because well you know it’s been done before: Rihanna’s “What’s My Name?”, JLo’s “I’m Into You” and Nicole’s “Right There” (curiously all the 4 songs have a rapper in it)

    However the video is a rip-off, while not completely, many of the scenes are way too similar (to not say identical) to Livvi Franc’s video “Now I’m That Bitch”

    Check it yourself

    These DC girls are on fire making a homage to others people work right?

    And more interesting all 3 nominees for R&B artist in the AMA’s had a controversy this year of the same matter: plagiarism
    Beyonce’s “Countdown”
    Kelly’s “Lay It On Me”
    Rihanna’s “S&M”

    Anyway the video is hot

  • yeakelly

    its made by the same director, therfore its the director thats unoriginal. so i guess she cant plagiarize from herself can she?? i think not

  • RYK101

    i made a comment in youtube and i will make it again, the stans and the haters are the ones who are gonna be commenting about all that stuff and the excuses or legit reasons but normal people will just look at it as if it is “copying” even if it isn’t or there are reasons to make it a legit re-make or inspiration.

    i have nothing against kelly, i like her it’s just i’m trying to be objective, in the rihanna case (i’m a rihanna stan) i accepted and confirmed that the video was definitely and heavily inspired by LaChapelle (and i’m shcoked she is directing We Found Love, i don’t want controversy this time around)

    And my last point, i know it is director’s fault but Kelly is the artist, she is the image, if something goes grong or there is a controversy people is going to say it was her, because it’s her they are looking at, but in the other side if something goes good everyone congrats Kelly and not the producers/directors, and this applies to all artist, they take all the love or hate, even if it wasn’t their idea, at the end of the day, it isn’t easy to be an artist

  • concerned parent

    then the directors need to turn back to God, and the artist as well. All this sexual imorality taking our country down. The Lord is coming back soon we’ve got to clean it up get our hearts right. This world will not go on as it is. children dying, people killing and hurting one another. All I can say is the top selling song is a country song by a 19 year old country artist who won american idol. His song is selling because people’s inner man want something wholesome and clean. I’m tired of all the porn music videos that’s all they are.