Kelly Clarkson’s Heart Breaks On New Song “You Love Me”

Kelly Clarkson sounds surprisingly resilient while admitting that her heart is breaking on new song “You Love Me”, off her fifth LP Stronger (out October 24). It’s a plucky, upbeat tune far from ballad territory, and though Kelly says “I’m not strong enough”, we (and her album title) know better. Listen to it below.

Kelly Clarkson – “You Love Me”

“You didn’t let me down / You didn’t tear me apart / You just opened my eyes while breaking my heart,” Clarkson sings on the midtempo tune. “You didn’t do it for me / I’m not as strong as you think / You just made me cry by claiming you love me.”

Jeez, did you and Adele date the same guy? There’s gotta be some nice anti Mr. Know It Alls out there who knew how to treat a pop star like the queen she is!

What do you think of Kelly’s “You Love Me”? Should it be her next single? Sound off below!

  • Tyler

    absolutely love “you love me”… it is wonderful. but i think that “what doesn’t kill you” needs to be the next single. THAT’S MY JAM!

  • Dev

    This song isn’t about a guy. She said it was from a fight she had with someone she used to work with. They told her I love you BUT….

  • danny

    I love it. Sounds like she’s growing up. Less pop. More ROCK. She should team up with Sheryl Crow or Alanis or something.

  • Yanell

    Album leaked people! And it’s beautiful.

  • FIFI

    You Can’t Win should be the second single.