Patrick Stump Covers Big Boi’s “Shutterbug” For ‘Billboard’

When it comes to cover songs, Patrick Stump has tackled everything from Buddy Holly to New Jack Swing, and for Billboard‘s Mashup Mondays series, the “This City” singer takes on Big Boi’s “Shutterbug”. We know — wha?! It goes without saying that his performance of the Chico Dusty track is great — but seriously, who knew he could sing so freakin’ fast?! Watch Stump work his magic on the hip-hop tune below.

“The problem is I don’t really fit in in rock or hip-hop, so I kinda just took a stab in the dark,” Stump tells Billboard. “I had been listening to that song a lot… I love that song and I was very psyched to do it.”

Stump’s debut solo LP Soul Punk drops tomorrow.