Nicole Scherzinger’s “Try With Me” Video: Heartache Among The Ruins

Nicole Scherzinger’s video for “Try With Me”, the third single from her forever-delayed (in the US) Killer Love album, finds the singer playing piano and twirling among ruins on location in Mexico. It’s a pretty simple visual with not much in the way of plot or effects, but after the underrated “Don’t Hold Your Breath” failed to catch on here in the States, everyone involved is likely playing it safe. Head below to catch the video for Nicole’s latest single, which was penned by the Nervo twins.

  • danny

    She should have gone on the Femme Fatale tour and promoted her album. Being a judge on Xfactor without a hit aside from PCD seems a little stupid.

  • Josh

    The song is catchy, but honestly, releasing Killer Love at this point seems kind of fruitless. It’s been out for so long over seas. She should scrap it and start fresh. I really want her to make it, but I have no idea who her people are and what their decisions are concerning this album, but they’re definitely not working in her favor.