Kelly Clarkson Reveals Her “Dark Side”

Kelly Clarkson doesn’t care if her fifth LP Stronger is all over the internet one week before its official release. The 29-year-old American Idol champ is going to keep leaking the tracks herself! Following “You Love Me” and “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)” last week, Kelly is now showing fans her “Dark Side,” a soaring heartsick lullaby in which she begs her love to “promise to stay” even though she’s not “picture perfect.” Hear it below.

Do you still love Kelly even though she has a dark side? And more importantly, will you be picking up Stronger when it hits stores on October 24? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter!

  • Zaza

    Love this and I already ordered stronger plus the bonus EP from hre website. Phenomenal!

  • david

    love love love. I already have the album due to all the leaks but I still bough the deluxe mega bonus album haha. it comes with a second EP in addition to the main album. can’t wait. I love that she is leaking it herself. She leaked another on her website. ‘the war is over’ looks like she involved blake shelton somehow too. lol. loves it.

  • kelly clarkson

    Good for Kelly for leaking the tracks herself. Real Kelly fans will buy the cd anyway of course! I can’t wait for October 24th!!!!!!!

  • Victoria

    Yeah, leaking them and not lying about it It shows she stands by her album and thanks it’s good enough to buy.