Selena Gomez’s Extended EMA Promo Clip — Now With More Self-Congratulation

Was 45 seconds of Selena Gomez as a rapping Chola Nicki Minaj not enough for you? Well lucky, there’s now an extended cut of the 2011 MTV EMA host’s promo spot. Jump below to watch the pop starlet as she congratulates herself via her multiple personalities.

On November 6, tune in to see Selena Gomez host the 2011 MTV EMA from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Is it just us or is the “Hit The Lights” singer a little awkward with her dance moves in this vid? Maybe it’s those super high heels.

  • vertigoshtick

    Hey, someone’s gotta do it…Selena’s album is surprisingly one of the better albums to come out this year, even if the radio is too busy playing year-old Katy Perry song and every one of Rihanna’s farts to notice…