Rihanna’s “We Found Love” Video: Review Revue

Is Rihanna‘s “We Found Love” video a yellow diamond in the light? The visual, which supports her Calvin Harris-produced first offering from upcoming album Talk That Talk (out November 21), certainly has tongues wagging over the copious amount of drugs inhaled by the singer and her young Irish boyfriend in the vid (played by model/boxer Dudley O’Shaughnessy), who has more than a slight resemblance to RiRi’s ex Chris Brown. Head below to see what the Internet at large had to say about the controversial clip.

:: The Prophet Blog says, “When photos of a topless Rihanna running around naked in an Irish field on the set of her ‘We Found Love’ video surfaced earlier this month, it gave the impression that the visual for the Calvin Harris club cut was going to be nothing more than a sexed up, raved up ‘Only Girl (In the World)’. But honey, this ain’t no ‘Only Girl’, and by comparison, Rihanna’s antics make Britney’s recent ‘Criminal’ crime-spree look like afternoon tea with Nan and Grandpa.”

Rihanna We Found Love video 1:: New York‘s Vulture points out the naughty bits: “Herewith, a short list of the activities that parents and concerned agrarians may find objectionable: smoking, drinking, dancing on fast-food tables, dancing at raves, heavy petting, stealing groceries, drunk wheelies, and bathing while fully clothed. Candy-colored drugs (and the aforementioned ribbon vomit) abound.”

:: Chart Rigger touches on the romance: “Rihanna’s latest foray into softcore porn, her ‘We Found Love’ music video, finds the Barbadian broad hooking up with a pretty Irish boy. The pair embark on a roller coaster romp, inhaling drugs and having lots of sex along the way… I still say this is one of the classiest jams of the year.”

:: Pink Is The New Blog is also smitten: “The video is grittier than the song sounds, I think, but it’s a powerful visual story. I love the song, I love the video … I am just really loving Rihanna these days.”

:: Pop Trash Addicts, however, rained on RiRi’s parade: “The concept isn’t terrible but they needed someone less manufactured to pull it off. Marina, Neon Hitch or even Robyn could have made this work. Instead, we’re left with another ‘Man Down’ ie. a desperate attempt to generate controversy to promote a shit song.”

Rihanna We Found Love video 2

:: Entertainment Weekly‘s Music Mix wondered how Ri-sponsible the singer is being: “But does it paint a too-glamorous portrait of crazy, stupid love for her young fans? Or is it RiRi’s prerogative to push the boundaries of dilated pupils, couch sex, and how many cigarettes two people can conceivably smoke simultaneously? (Apparently, the answer is nine).”

:: USA Today points out the resemblance of the singer’s co-star to her famous ex: “Aside from the farmer scene, there’s another scene showing Rihanna and British boxer/model Dudley O’ Shaughnessy arguing in a car. It immediately brings to mind Chris Brown.”

:: HitFix also latches on to the similarities: “…the two have a nasty fight in a car, alluding to the assault on Grammy night in 2009. Like Eminem’s ‘Love the Way You Lie,’ this clip, too, illustrates the cyclical and hurtful nature of love and possession.”

:: Grantland comes right out and asks what many may be thinking: “Why did Rihanna feel like now was the best time to make her most direct allusion to the incident?”

:: Finally, VH1 seems to answer the question: “If people are going to circumscribe Rihanna’s work with the specter of Chris Brown anyway, why not play it up for attention?”

What do you think of the “We Found Love” video? Let us know below!

  • Paul Snyder

    Hm. Almost all of the critic reviews of the video have been very positive, and I feel this post just reduces the video to bits and pieces that don’t even make sense together when read.

    I think it’s a beautiful video and actually adds a whole lot of depth and dimension to a song that many originally casted as “basic” or “repetitive”.

  • http://myjestikblog.com myjestik

    is that chris brown… or arnez from 1 on 1. wikipedia

  • Alyssa

    I am a huge fan of Rihanna, love her to pieces and watching the video “We Found Love” inspires me in an enormous amount! In fact, I think her younger viewers should watch this video. I believe the main idea of this over-rated love story is to teach the ones still growing up that theres more hope in a relationship without drugs than there is with, considering her video ends with Rihanna leaving her boyfriend. This story portrays the facts amoung young love who can only have fun with drugs and leads us to think that her boyfriend is the trigger to her problems, hence the reason she leaves him. Concluding in how much I love Rihanna, once again I believe shes only trying to display the difference between growing up always diluted on drugs between sober. She shows us what its like to grow this way, only recommending not to ruin your life the way she did on her video “We Found Love”. I believe this is one of her best videos yet.

  • Ashley

    Ehhh all I can say is I love the song but this is the first and last time I am watching this trash

  • Keke1on1

    omg this has to be the best video of the year, theres a meaning to this video….when your in love your so caught up into that person you don’t realize how the relationship starts to effects you, and towards the end she seen that this wasn’t the way she wanted to live despite she was CRAZY in love…she had to go….i love this sooo much :)

  • Neesee123

    WOWWW rihanna i love you and all girl, but could you be any more obvious by using a guy with the same blonde hair, same tattoos, and same light brown skin as your exx?? Honestly, its kind of pathetic, i love the fact that you would try to finally put your feelings about the incident out in a song, but you just HAD to find Chriss twin to play the part didn’t you. and using the seen in the car with you guys arguing and him hurting you.. imean, come on now babe. plus that vid was wayyyy to graphic for my taste and im a teenager, i missed you as the sweet fun girl you were. now all you do in vids is show your bad, nasty, slutty, tough side. And sometimes thats a good thing, but you have to remeber you have younger viewers too, and they dont wanna see their rolemodel rihanna doign all those drugs and sex scenes… i mean i remeber when i watched you wen i was a little girl i looked up to you :(

  • Cassandra

    Her new side was pretty good for a while. The songs are catchy and fun to hear but she has gone overboard with the videos. Yet, we can’t blame only her but the media companies that allow such craziness to air, especially where young viewers can replay it a million times. Disappointing.

  • paige

    what do you think of this music video, do you find it effective?

  • keith