Rihanna & David LaChapelle Reach “S&M” Settlement

Rihanna’s controversial “We Found Love” video is currently getting people up in arms over its content, but legal woes for the singer over an older racy clip have finally been put to rest. David LaChapelle filed a $1 million lawsuit against Rihanna and Def Jam back in February, where he alleged there were various similarities between her “S&M” video and his own work. Yesterday, Rolling Stone confirmed that a resolution has been reached out of court, and that the photographer is “happy” with the results. Just don’t expect him to be hired by RiRi anytime soon.

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    Well, LaChapelle was in the right here, because it was pretty clear from the evidence that the video was based on his work and he was right to ask for compensation. He handled it very professionally ($1 million may sound like a lot but it’s really reasonable considering he must have expected it to settle for less) and he made it VERY clear it was just business. So your last statement is a little more flippant than I’m sure was intended; Rihanna obviously admires his work and anyway it’s probably the other way around if anything.