Check Out Drake’s Many Superlatives In ‘Take Care’ Trailer

This video is less a trailer for Drake’s forthcoming LP Take Care, and more a reminder as to the main reason why you should buy it – because Drake is very, very popular. Just a few of the titles Drizzy has acquired his first three years in the music biz: “USA GQ MAN OF THE YEAR”. “3 MTV AWARD NOMINATIONS.” “OVER 3 MILLION TWITTER FOLLOWERS.” “OVER 19 MILLION FACEBOOK LIKES.” “VOTED CUTEST SMILE.” (Okay, we made that last one up.) Thankfully the last minute of the montage lets us here some tunes from the album, but there’s a lengthy period of wading through kind of pointless superlatives to get to it.

Take Care drops November 15, despite what the title of this YouTube says.

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