Is Kelly Rowland’s “Down For Whatever” Video A Rip-Off?

Oct 20th, 2011 // 6 Comments

Beyonce is not the only former Destiny’s Child member being accused of plagiarizing  parts of her music videos. Before you say, “Michelle Williams, how could you?!”, it’s Kelly Rowland. Ms. Kelly’s new video for single “Down For Whatever” has a striking similarity to the clip for Wynter Gordon’s collaboration with Freemasons, “Believer”. Both videos were directed by Sarah Chatfield, so is this simply her “style”, or did she rip-off herself? You be the judge by watching both videos below.

Kelly Rowland – “Down For Whatever”

Freemasons feat. Wynter Gordon – “Believer”

[Via Pop Trash Addicts]

  1. Lola

    Isn’t It The Same Director? Anyways Some Parts Look The Same BUT It’s Different. People Need To Leave Kelly Alone.

  2. Suba2662

    Kelly Rowland’s Lay It On Me video is a rip off Livvi Franc’s Now I’m That Bitch video also.

  3. danny

    If this were Beyonce she’d say “I was inspired by…..” and we’d believe it like the morons we really are.

  4. Aafarensis

    Oh goodness. Isn’t it obvious? Low budget video = focus on sexy, writhing singer with the occasional outfit change. Lighting changes are a lot cheaper than set changes. There are hundreds of variations of this theme and it seems pretty silly to call out these. I actually think these are both pretty weak songs for their respective artists.

  5. issa

    i hate this kind of videos !! CHEAP !

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