Beyonce’s “Party” Video Premiering Tuesday With J. Cole Instead Of Andre 3000

Since Beyonce’s “Run The World (Girls)” video premiered in May, we’ve been treated to five videos in total from the pop star, and the visuals for Bey’s sixth single from 4, “Party”, are already scheduled to premiere next Tuesday on 106 & Park. There will be one major difference from the album version and the single, though: Andre 3000′s verse has been replaced with J. Cole. Listen to the new cut below and tell us if he did good on Three Stacks’ spot.

Beyonce feat. Kanye West & J. Cole – “Party” (Single version)

We’re not sure we get Team Knowles’ strategy here — we were barely able to marinate in the joy of “Countdown” before “Love On Top” came along, and now we’re already being served the cameo-filled video (which was directed by Beyonce, FYI) for “Party”? We get filming all your videos early so you can focus on your pregnancy in the later months, but why release them one on top of another? We need breathing room, Bey!

  • danny

    Videos are more than about a single now. Beyonce, Gaga, Rihanna etc do them for the fun of making as many songs visual as possible.

  • AlexH


  • Eric Javier Rivera-García

    What the actual f*ck? Who thought it was ok to replace ANDRE FREAKING 3000 with J. Cole? No disrespect to J. Cole but seriously… Tsk Tsk King B…

  • Kash

    wtf.. Jcole?? Seriously??????? Booooooooo

  • Faye

    Is anybody as BLOWN as me??!!?! I’m SOOOOO ANNOYED with this change. WHY OH WHY would Bey entirely REMOVE Andre off this track?????
    He freakin KILLED IT!! I like J Cole a lot but what were they thinking?!??! It was DEF a business move for sure! J Cole made a couple verses for the track before the album was released but they went with Andre instead. NOW that they see how much Cole has blown up, they wanna bring him on?? That is just WACK. If ya wanna just put him on the remix, GO AHEAD but don’t completely replace Andre! He ain’t even gonna be in the video anymore! UGHH

  • Jessie


  • Tenishea

    I usually don’t question anything Beyonce does but I am asking why would Andre 3000 be replaced? I don’t like J Cole on this song.

  • Nicole

    Errrr… Why J Cole? :| Andre 3000 would have been better. :( But let’s see! It might be a hit too. :)

  • shaterricka

    i wiil love to come see sir charls its it up to u may i plese

  • shaterricka

    i go to school down hear to may u come to i fild day may 11