Janet Jackson Cancels Australian Tour Dates To Attend Conrad Murray Trial

As Conrad Murray’s defense team makes its case today, Janet Jackson is making sure she’s there in the courthouse to support her family. Jackson has canceled three of her Number Ones tour dates in Melbourne, Australia in order for her to be present at the trial. “When I planned these shows, the schedule in California was completely different,” she said in a statement. “After talking with my family last night, I decided we must be together right now… This saddens me in so many ways.” The singer will return to Melbourne to perform a make-up show on November 3. [Via Billboard]

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Red/100002554536964 Paul Red

    Four gallons of propofol! That’s enough to put the whole courtroom to sleep. This doctor is out of his f*****g mind or what? Notice how he remains eerily stoic and expressionless; he knows he screwed up. This doctor has betrayed the Hippocratic Oath; he is guilty as sin. However, Michael also had a huge responsibility in his own demise. Say no to drugs. The pharmaceutical and medicine industry are the biggest fraud.
    Nearly 800 thousand people die every year in the USA from iatrogenic diseases (diseases caused by medical treatment – Physician-induced) As the Christ was the most famous victim of crucifixion Michael Jackson is the most famous victim of iatrogenic diseases (I’m not implying any parallelism or likeness between MJ and the Christ other than what is explicitly said in this comment, if you have a problem with that; it’s your problem) – Also, say no to the numerous MJ’ s exploitation out there. Joe Jackson is still pursuing to launch a line of perfumes with a professional crook. See the sickening photos of Julian Rouas posing with MJ’ s kids, Prince and Paris, to promote his stinking Jackson Tribute Perfumes: