Selena Gomez Vs. Demi Lovato: Red Carpet Fashions (PHOTOS)

Oct 25th, 2011 // 55 Comments

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato have a lot in common: both are dark-haired Texans, both are former Disney stars, both have blossoming music careers — and, of course, both are drop dread gorgeous. Which is why this red carpet fashion face-off left us undecided (and itching to go shoe shopping). So, we’re asking you to click through our seven favorite event looks from both the “Love You Like A Love Song” songstress and the Unbroken siren. Then tell us below who deserves to wear the crown.


  1. Commented on this photo:

    selena .demi is very debby ryan .but i still like her for her NoT for WhAt ShE WeRe.

  2. Commented on this photo:

    well i know the radio sittaon in sacramento did a stunt with drinking a gallon and the lady died

  3. nati
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    Don’t say she’s getting fatter! Demi wasn’t made to be thin like she was, before she went into to rehab she was actually extremely underweight for her body type, face it: the girl was made to be thick

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    Demi Lovato!!!!!Selena is to skinny

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