Watch Madonna And Lourdes Bicker Over Fruit

Madonna and her daughter Lourdes filmed a promo video in order to discuss their search for the new face of their Material Girl clothing line, but ultimately end up bickering about how Madge hates fruit (along with hydrangeas) and how Lola disagrees with the modern day use of colloquialisms “totes magotes” and “whatevs”. We challenge you to watch this video from start to finish, because it’s almost unbearable to withstand Madonna’s attempt at improvisation. Tell us how long you made it in the comments!

It makes sense that Lourdes would be fine speaking to her pop star mother in such a bratty tone, since she’s probably the only person in the world not intimidated by Madonna.

[Via Towleroad]

  • TaRee

    Made it 2:33 until I scrolled down, saw a picture of Kelly Clarkson and decided to click that.




  • Erika Brooks Adickman

    “We’re looking for a WomanGirlFemaleChild.” Maybe I should enter.

  • StayBank (@STYBNK)

    WTF Mom! I’m trying to text and eat fruit! Could you stop your pretentious bitching for the camera!

    At 1:34, Mondona, “I don’t eat things I can’t identify.” For God’s sake woman, you hung with Dennis Rodman!

  • Vicky
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  • Kd.Maria

    I think Madonna does a great job as a mother to all her children. Lola has her own mind,, and she even asks her mother not to put her name on any productions-even as though Lola contributed her talent and gift that were past down and trained by her Superstar mother. Madge is very proud as her own child. She stated in one of the interviewer that, “I will be the best mother I had never had”. Having to loose a mother such as a young age can flip someone out. I know that from my own experiences of wathcing my own my mother, trapping in a sinking boat and burrying alive in the deep dark ocean. Lola works her butt of too at all her mother show. She is in the costums department, dresses all the dancers in between their performance. Lola also danced and performed at her mother’s concert. What else would any famous parents want from their children. Lola will be running her family business someday. Getting train this way for business experiences and networkings are the perfect for any celebrity who have their own children.