JoJo “Disaster” Video: Watch A Tease

Following the preview clip of JoJo’s “Disaster” video that Fuse aired, the fashionable singer teased the Benny Boom-directed visual yet again on MTV’s 10 On Top. “The concept is, I wanted to show young, crazy love and how passionate it can be — how you get wrapped up in it, and it’s awesome and it’s fun and sexy,” JoJo told us recently. Watch her battle with her biker boyfriend in the clip below, ahead of the video’s premiere this week. “‘Disaster’ is about a relationship that kind of takes a turn for the worst,” JoJo says during her 10 On Top segment. “But it’s not the end of the world when the relationship is over. There’s a whole bunch of fish to go fishing for.”

So who does JoJo think wouldn’t end disaster if she dated them? “Prince Harry. I think that could be happily ever after,” she says. “I thin he’s really cute!”