Kid Cudi Goes On A Killing Spree In “Maniac” Short Film

Are you in need of a scare this Halloween? Kid Cudi has got you covered in his latest video for “Maniac”. The 10-minute short film, shot in black-and-white documentary-style, starts with a house blazing on fire on a quiet suburban street, the handiwork of Cudi and fellow MC Cage as French serial killers on the hunt. This is definitely an R-rated affair, so take heed of the warning about “viewer discretion” that begins the gory, disturbing video (which, by the way, was directed by actor Shia LeBeouf, who also helmed the Amsterdam-set video for “Marijuana”).

Kid Cudi — “Maniac”

In his last few videos, Cudi has played a vampire and a Kill Bill-type martial arts master who can punch and fight his way through a building filled with enemies. Now, after playing an unapologetic serial killer who even turns on his own camera crew, we’re left to assume that the rapper has no intention of having us root for him anymore. (At least not without feeling guilty about it.)

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