Nicki Minaj Shakes Her Booty In Big Sean’s “Dance (A$$) Remix” Video

Nov 1st, 2011 // 15 Comments

Big Sean’s video for his Finally Famous single “Dance (A$$) Remix” not only shows us the word “ass” in just about every language (very helpful if you’re going abroad and want to get slapped by strangers!), but presents us with more Nicki Minaj booty-shaking than you’d expect for four-minute video. In a Union Jack-featuring romper, no less! Be mesmerized by Barbie’s bouncing behind below. 

For a video to a song that samples MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This”, you’d expect there to be more Harem pants, no?

Big Sean feat. Nicki Minaj – “Dance (A$$) Remix”


  1. vix

    i just now realized how she did all that shaking . . and her butt STILL didnt move .

  2. hottest thing ive seen in a very long time! nicki minaj is a can of sex appeal

  3. Joss

    I like Nicki M. but i dont know why black women all around the world shake their butts like this, especially on television. This is the sterotypical black “folk” music video. Your downgrading balck women all over the world. Im officially not a fan anymore.

  4. I disagree. As an African-American male, I look at it like this. Caucasian and African-American women do porn, and both shake their “butts” on tv. Now it may be somewhat true that African-American women do it more, but sexuality is just that, and we shouldn’t put labels on people who are extremists when it comes to being confident in your own skin. She doesn’t define every single African-American woman, neither does a Caucasian woman doing porn define all Caucasian women.

  5. This comment is to joss and Joseph Tré Noir Stargill

    Not all African-American women shake their butts. I’m African-American Woman and I never shook my butt before in my life. So get your facts straight dumb asses

  6. j money

    Haha! Most of the comments are about Nicki shaking her butt. She knows what she has and how to use it. She is a sexual person and sexy is apart of her musical character just like Lady gaga has her own character. When she shows up in a meat dress no one is surprised and just calls her expressive and creative. Well Nicki is a suductress, and a colorful, sexual character. very powferful thing.

    I don’t see anything wrong with that. What we should be talking about is why we are letting someone make money off of us for making a song thats actually called A$$ and doesn’t even have any real lyrics. He actually just talks about A$$ the whole time and is making millions while the rest of us watch. The whole song is about a$$ and nicki has a very nice one. So why not get paid for it plus royalties. She is smart if you ask me. We are the ones who are dumb letting anyone make a song about anything now days. Many artists are not even telling a story or taking us for a ride away from our problems anymore. Its like they wake up and make a song off the first thing they see in the morning. You can make a song off a street lamp now. The worst part is not even in a creative way, just repeat the words “street lamp” on top of a nice beat and I got a hit. So Kudos to the few creative artists that we have left like Nicki. At least she is interesting.

  7. Truley was a great video and Nicki Minaj just put it over the top with that ass watch this vido everyday and skip too her part!!!

  8. you are so stupid like dude come on now…all black women do not do that it be our own race shaking asses (White Race) but i am proud to be white but still we need to clean it up didnt you see the white girls in the video?

  9. you are so stupid like dude come on now…all black women do not do that it be our own race shaking asses (White Race) but i am proud to be white but still we need to clean it up didnt you see the white girls in the video?

  10. Joe

    Yeah okay guys, and let’s let Jenna Jameson define the rest of the white female population

  11. Dejohn

    U too? LMAO

  12. Dejohn

    Me too! lol

  13. Dejohn

    I also skips to Nicki parts. She killed it. Very entertaining. Not lusting over her. Just impressed with her sex appeal. She’s a entertainer. Enjoy her music also

  14. mikalya12

    dont even start with this whole race thing white people shake their butts as well as blacks do,nicki wanted to shoe her million dollar ”butt surgery” to the world thats her problem she feels comfortable in her own skin and it perks what?

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