Foster The People’s “Call It What You Want” Video Conjures Up The Weirdness

We’re not quite sure what to call the video for “Call It What You Want”, the third single off People’s Choice Awards nominees Foster The People’s hit album Torches. On one hand, the clip, with its nondescript gaggle of female fans and Hollywood mansion setting, seems to be making a statement about the band’s new-found fame following the surprise success of their Top 10 summer smash “Pumped Up Kicks”. While on the other, there’s just a whole lot of creepiness, with no rhyme or reason, going down. Mark Foster and his bandmates find themselves suddenly living in a mansion in the Ace Norton-directed “Call It What You Want”, where, to say the least, they don’t quite seem at ease.

In one comical moment, drummer Mark Pontius says to himself in a mirror, “Something’s missing.” His reflection then hands him lipstick, which he puts on. “Now kiss me,” Pontius’ reflection says back to him.

That’s just one odd moment that occurs in a video that also depicts a talking breakfast plate, groupies being shot and blue paint flying out of their chests and the band members levitating and playing amongst a kaleidoscopic fireworks display.

Foster The People — “Call It What You Want”

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