Susan Boyle Looks At Life From “Both Sides Now” On The ‘Today Show’

Susan Boyle jettisoned performing her eyebrow-raising Depeche Mode “Enjoy The Silence” cover on the Today Show this morning, and instead opted for her somber take on Joni Mitchell’s whimsical ’60s classic “Both Sides Now”. The song is just one of 10 tracks that appear on Boyle’s third LP Someone To Watch Over Me, which was released yesterday. Will it top the album chart, as her first two records did, come next week? If our poll in the right sidebar is any indication, it’s sure looking that way.

One gripe, SuBo: we get that you’re shy. But for once it’d be nice to hear you respond to questions during an interview with more than a one-sentence answer.

  • juanita slone




    • Elsa Caceres

      let her sing!~
      the legend is shy too…(streisand)
      she will be alright!

  • http://Idolator Calli Flanders

    Unfortunately, it’s obvious that’s all she’s capable of…one second answers and even those can’t be understood. The only thing phenomenal about her is the endless height to the mountain of hyperbole that is hers.

  • Karen

    Susan has said that she communicates through music. If anyone knows anything about her life they’d understand that, yet as seen in Calli Flanders comment, the bullying of someone with a disability who simply wants to sing continues.
    I enjoy her music and am very glad that she didn’t allow the bullies to win.

  • CBill

    If you want to see Susan answering questions in more depth, simply find her interviews with Molly Meldrum and Piers Morgan (Life Stories). She is funny, witty, articulate, sharp as a tack. One can hardly expect her to ‘go deep’ when the time frame for questions is as brief as it was at the end of her song on the Today Show.

  • Sam Worden

    Susan didn’t have any trouble communicating with Bill Cosby. She apparently found him more fun than her formal interviewers. I think she gets bored with all the same old, same old questions. She’s a performer and has no particular interest in spilling her guts to strangers. Refreshing. She’s not a Kardashian.

  • evie martin

    She does it her way=====the way it should be done. She is charming, she has class, & one thing for sure—-she can out sing just about anyone. I am so happy for her. I wish her the best forever!!!!

    Cherokee Village, Arkansas

  • Gayle

    And Susan will be ON tonight on Piers Morgan’s program, 9pm Eastern time, CNN. Today is Oct. 3rd …..

    BTW, this third CD of Susan’s is totally sublime and talks to your inner self with unabashed honesty. One of my friends who writes poetry (“Happy”) also says of Susan’s music: “Susan will REVEAL your pain, then proceed to HEAL it.” — not talking miracles here, but metaphorically stating that whatever inner need you have, even if you don’t realize it yet, Susan will gently bring it to your memory, then help you to deal with it, like balm on a sunburned shoulder. When you first come in from the sun, you might not be aware of your tender spot, but as long as you have now identified it is there, then soothe it with the best remedy around: Susan’s angelic voice. SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME, the CD, is destined to become a modern day Classic – just wait until it reaches around the globe.

  • Bill Branner

    C’mon…..the lady is not an orator. She’s a singer, a songstress,with great artistic talent. That’s all she needs.

  • Kyler

    If I could block your website for the comment “we get that you’re shy. But for once it’d be nice to hear you respond to questions during an interview with more than a one-sentence answer.” I would!!!!

    • Carol

      Amen !