Adam Lambert Tweets About Single Delay

OUT honoree Adam Lambert, who performed with legendary rockers Queen at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Belfast on Sunday night, has announced that the lead single from his upcoming follow-up LP to For Your Entertainment has been delayed again. “…Due to some unforeseen logistics, legal annoyances and creative details, the first single is delayed again,” the Glam One tweeted late last night.

In October
, Lambert first informed his Twitter followers that the single had been delayed from a previously-announced month of release when he wrote the following: “Seems as though the single will explode in November. I’m sorry for the delay- but trust me, it’s worth it.” He also mentioned at that time that the album would be released at some point in the spring.

Last night the award-winning singer went into a bit more detail on Twitter as to the thinking behind the delay for his new material:

“I want to apologize for claiming November as the release month. I spoke too soon. I had a great meeting in London yesterday and continue…To take the time to ensure the song is its BEST and that the whole album and campaign is a unified artistic extension of my spirit.”

It’s a disappointment as, like us, most fans are no doubt eager to hear exactly what Adam’s sound will be like now that he’s been able to put a decent amount of time into this album — unlike For Your Entertainment, which was recorded and released within six months of his stint on American Idol.

Lambert ended his tweets on an upbeat note last night. “Thank you so much for your patience. I PROMISE I won’t let you down & that this upcoming project will take you on a wild ride! I love u all,” he wrote.

Sigh. You heard the man…

  • http://google sarah f.

    that’s all right Adam take your time. I am sure there are some legal annoyances going on right now, so play it safe.

  • pr63

    if it isn’t perfect, don’t release it. right now you’re under a microscope and your detractors are waiting to pounce. we glamberts will just have to wait for your work of art. love ya!!

  • indigo

    we will wait as long as it takes, Adam Lambert is worth the wait. We have EMA with Queen performance to keep flailing with. That was majestic performance of an epic proportion.

  • Lemmy

    The stunning Queen performance kinda got me more amped up and impatient for new music… didn’t really have the opposite effect of tiding me over… but YES, Lambert’s new music will be worth it I’m sure. Quality takes time, it’s all good. I’ve actually been listening to his AI8 songs today, for the first time in quite a while… mutha of gawd what a compilation, brilliant… I don’t care where it came from, American Idol or not, it’s a stellar little collection of music.

  • Angel

    I love love you, ADAM. It’s worth all the wait, darling.

  • jadetranglambert

    Time isn’ t matter to me, I believe in ADAM, He will make a masterpiece. all love for ADAM

  • Ruth

    Well, in the last day there have been some fantastic feedback Tweets coming from various UK industry people who’ve been given a preview of some of the tracks, and it’s made me even more overexcited for what’s to come!

    @LeytonB Leyton Bracegirdle
    Soooo I just spent an hour with @adamlambert listening to 6 tracks from his new album! AMAZE!

    @RyanJL Ryan Love @adamlambert Super to meet you today Adam. Material is sounding bloody fantastic! Can’t wait to have a proper chat around release time

    @StefanieFaleo stefanieItaliaFaleo Loved @adamlambert! He’s new material is INSANE. Seriously it will blow your mind. Pic of me and him to follow

    @Chartshowtv Chart Show TV We just heard 6 tracks from new @adamlambert album – he played them to us personally! It’s gonna blow up in the UK – seriously good stuff!

    Just listening to @adamlambert new album….. All uptempo apart from 2 ballads & 1 midtempo. Some old skool funk! #adamlambert

    What I’ve heard from the album so far it’s really strong… #adamlambert no decision made on first single.

    @danwootton Dan Wootton
    Wow! @adamlambert just played me some of his new songs. It was musical ecstasy. Album two is going to be BIG.

    January can’t come soon enough!

  • Nestor Humperdink

    What about the Beg For Mercy Album? That’s old material, right? It can be hear here: