Katy Perry And Dr. Luke’s Pop Magic Is Over Thanks To Sony

Katy Perry’s long and fruitful relationship with hitmaking producer Dr. Luke appears to be over, thanks to a hot new deal in the producer’s favor. According to a piece in The New York Times, Luke will be given his own label under the Sony umbrella, Kemosabe Records, which is expected to become operational in January. The catch? He can only write and produce with Sony artists. And as Perry is part of EMI, it looks like Dr. Luke may be the one that got away.

Katy Perry and Dr. Luke’s collaborations on both of Perry’s albums have resulted in enormous hits — the duo were responsible for “I Kissed A Girl” and “Hot N Cold” off Perry’s debut One Of The Boys, and Luke wrote and produced five of the six singles off of Teenage Dream. (“Teenage Dream”, “California Gurls”, “Last Friday Night (TGIF)” and “E.T.” all hit #1 on the charts, with “The One That Got Away” currently vying for a similar fate.)

Since we don’t see Katy being let out of her contract with EMI anytime soon, this poses an interesting question about her Teenage Dream follow-up with Dr. Luke’s involvement. Will Stargate pick up the slack? Will she team up with David Guetta? Or go back to her guitar-strumming roots and release something a bit more subdued without Luke’s bubbling dance beats?

Earlier this year, rumors were swirling that the pair were fighting, and that Perry “got tired of his records, the same familiar sound, but mostly his attitude.” Other sources expressed concern about Katy’s future without her trusted producer: “A lot of people think that without Dr. Luke, Katy’s going to have a big problem. She’s not much of a songwriter or vocalist, and she’s gonna have to start from scratch. You can’t just bring in any producer to make magic.”

For those worried about his future with Ke$ha amd Britney, worry not — they’re both on RCA, which is owned by Sony. Whew!

  • Chandler

    Katy Perry is nothing without heavy production. She is an AWFUL singer.

  • John B

    Hate to break the news, but Katy’s biggest hit FIREWORK was without Mr. Luke. Katy is a fantastic songwriter (she writes everything she sings), and without Luke she’ll be fine.

  • mike

    katy is the best

  • David Liger

    Love Katy. She can absolutely do it without. Dr. Luke.

  • http://www.trillionbux.com Alexander

    Katy is an amazing singer. She writes all of her songs and certainly can do it with other producers. Dr. Luke isn’t magical, they just fit together well. I’m sure she’ll find somebody else good for her next album.

  • Tim

    Katy is NOT an amazing singer, she is NOT a “true artist”, she is credited with “co-writing” her songs to save face because like Britney Spears and others, she isn’t true making her music. True artistic talent is “song-MAKING”, not just putting words on pages. It’s lyrics + COMPOSITION (beat, key, harmony, changeup, etc). Those take years to do with originality and it’s why “PRODUCERS” are brought in. Producers do the heavy lifting in the song making process and refine the product.

    Also notice the tag when your search for “Katy Perry wrote her own songs” in google. You find that Katy “co-wrote”, which means someone likely took an “idea” she came up with and then went and did all the work for her in making the song. Are all the lyrics coming from “her” mind? The harmonies? The nuts and bolts of the music? I bet she is just an ‘image’. Let’s face it, she’s a ‘pretty face’ to seduce fans. If she suddenly got fat and got gross acne on her face, do you honestly think she would be making anymore albums and going on stage? It’s a pop music game people. She’s not an artist. She’s a performer (and not even a good one, she just ‘gorgeous looking’ and THAT is why she is being promoted and sold like this).

  • Megan

    Katy, pleeeeease don’t team up with Stargate. they’re horrible.

  • Matt

    She already teamed up with Stargate for her song “Firework”. Firework has 5 songwriters listed:Katy Perry, Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen, Sandy Wilhelm, Ester Dean. The Eriksen and Hermansen names are two members of Stargate.