Madonna’s “Give Me All Your Love” Demo: Review Revue

When Madonna’s demo for upcoming single “Give Me All Your Love” leaked yesterday, she and her manager chose to express themselves quite clearly. “My true fans wouldn’t do this,” Madge is quoted as saying to her manager Guy Oseary, via Billboard. Oseary himself added that “the plan was for new music to come out in the new year, and yet someone leaked a demo version of a song yesterday. I’m very happy with the positive reaction to the demo, but we are very upset with whoever leaked the song!!!”

Still, leak it did, and this led us to poke around and see what the online response was to the Harper’s Bazaar cover girl‘s first offering — again, in demo form — from her upcoming 12th studio album. Head below for a roundup of reviews!

:: First off, Billboard notes of the song’s leak, “Within a few hours, it was among one of the top 10 trending topics worldwide on Twitter.”

:: CNN has pom poms raised high: “The intro, ‘L-U-V Madonna/Y-O-U You wanna?’ calls to mind the peppiest cheerleader chant imaginable before you fall into an irresistibly catchy track.” (To see all the lyrics, head over to Direct Lyrics.)

Madonna 2011 1:: Neon Limelight is a fan: “The rest of the song plays out as an upbeat, super-dancey and fun track that also includes a quick dubstep breakdown.”

:: Arjan Writes delivers this verdict: “Madonna’s teaming with Martin Solveig is a winner. The song is fresh, fun, hooky and totally now. The Queen is going strong.”

:: Meanwhile, Pink Is The New Blog is having a full-on Madge Attack: “DYING!!!! I am loving this track. It’s fun, very poppy Madonna.”

:: NME brushes aside those not getting into the groove: “There have been criticisms that the bouncy lyrics (‘Give me all your love/ Let’s forget about time and dance the night away’ goes the chorus) are neither befitting of the grande dame of disco nor are indicative of the type of lyrics she should be penning at this stage in her career… Blah, blah, blah, frankly. Because what Madonna’s doing in this song is so much more impossibly fun than we could have imagined that all of that talk seems unimportant.”

Madonna Harper's Bazaar 2011:: Chart Rigger hears certain influences on the track: “It sounds like [Madonna's] own classics ‘Burning Up’ and ‘Beautiful Stranger’ crossed with Pink’s ‘Feel Good Time’.”

:: senses yet another vibe: “To be honest, we could picture a younger pop star like Avril Lavigne singing this song comfortably too.”

:: The Smoking Section is high on the song’s playful nature: “While her last album, Hard Candy, yielded moderate chart success and produced contemporary-yet-forced lead singles, ‘Give Me All Your Love’ is a dumbed-down, yet completely irresistible jam that is catered to win.”

:: Pop Crush is also skipping along to the beat: “While Madge at 50 (and some change) is hardly a girl, we like her youthful and jubilant nature on this song. She’s the Material Girl always, not the Material Woman!”

Enough of the critics — what do you think of Madonna’s new song? Let us know below!

  • ty

    is this the new demo that sounds like a go-go’s knockoff? sounds very ‘influenced’ by we got the beat.

  • João Paulo Machado

    If you did not like the music may be surprised READ:

    At first the new Single has extremely silly lyrics and a sound that resembles a teen singer Cheerleading making line and then many were disappointed with Madonna (Music also had a negative impact initially because it was different, and RAY OF LIGHT and AMERICAN LIFE) . But wait! That’s not the point. Who really is Madonna fan must have three things in mind: never take no for an answer, do not be literal in any aspect of life and the main: knowing that everything Madonna does is always a lot more deeper than you think.

    The song Give Me All Your Love is a HUGE irony to the scene and the current Pop Wannabes all present in the music industry, and Madonna as is always putting her ego to express itself. Madonna stood out of the scene for 4 years and much has been said of her losing her reign, and then she returns with a song that mocks this whole scenario. “Give Me All Your Love” with respect to any reference that the pop star Madonna has in relation to everything they do.

    L-U-V Madonna
    The U-Y-You want to
    I see you coming and I do not want to know your name
    L-U-V Madonna
    I see you coming and you’re gonna have to change the game
    The U-Y-You want to
    Would you like to try?
    Give me a reason why
    Give Me All That You Got
    Maybe you’ll fine the
    As long as you do not lie to me
    And pretend to be what you’re not

    “I’m Madonna, the one that all Wannabes love, worship,I have a career weight, and YOU are only one WANNA (Wannabe). I see you coming in the music and not even know your name, to remind you I’m Madonna, I see you growing, but doing everything I’ve done, change the game, do it different, you have the courage to try? Give me a reason to be afraid of you, maybe you even do well, but you can not hide from me what you really are and especially something that is fake.

    Do not play the stupid game
    Cause I’m a different kind of girl
    Every record sounds The Same
    You’ve got to step into my world
    Give me all your love and give me your love
    Give me all your love today
    Give me all your love and give me your love
    Let’s forget about time
    And dance our lives away

    Do not make this stupid game, these things will never clear who MADONNA really is. Madonna is an artist way beyond what they think. All the songs that you do look the same, because if you want to imitate me, do not just make a pop song, you have to enter my world,keeping in mind what it is to be MADONNA (at this point we see Give Me All Your Love is a great irony to all wannabes who want to be like Madonna. Then Madonna tells them to give her all their love, because such obsession brings out even more the name MADONNA). I will not even mention time (because Madonna has been around for years), so let’s live our lives, each one in yours?

    L-U-V Madonna
    The U-Y-You want to
    Keep Trying do not give up, it’s if you want it bad enough
    L-U-V Madonna
    It’s right in front of you, now tell me what you’re thinking of
    The U-Y-You want to
    In another place, at a different time
    Can you be my lucky star
    Can we drink some wine
    Burgundy is fine
    Let’s drink the bottle Every drop

    MADONNA I’m not trying and you WANNA give up knowing that it is what most want (weakness). It’s right in front of you the music I’m doing for you. WANNA! In another time, long ago you could even get a chance to be successful, but not right now. Do not want to fight, we drink wine and live together socially.

    You have all the L-U-V
    I Gave You Everything You Need
    Now it’s up to Y-O-U
    Are you the one, shall we Proceed?
    M-A-D Do not make me
    L-U-V It’s time for
    Y-O-U It’s up to
    L-U-V I want your

    You have everything you need, I give my full support, but you decide whether to continue. Are you really the one that will take my throne? Madonna will not make your succes (as they all seek a similarity in everything they do). It’s time to love that Madonna is back, you just have to decide what you want from life, and I, MADONNA, I want all their idolatry, as it leaves my name every day stronger.

    And all this design, as Madonna sings as a fledgling teen singer (her voice very reminiscent of early career) who has just arrived to the sound of a more adolescent soundtrack possible. This further reinforces the irony:I DO KNOW HOW TO DO WHAT YOU DO, but better and with a concept that is much more pop than you think. No one will steal my throne and I’m not afraid of it.

    Madonna with a silly-sounding music and lyrics that at first are very simple, takes down ALL of the crazy current pop scene singers who like to think of themselves the new Queens of Pop.

    After this great text, do you still doubt the genius capacity of our queen?

  • Xadax

    The lyrics are a punch in the face to Lady Who?

  • Jith

    Well said Machado……..
    Those who nay say are never going to love her…………
    Why all the hatred just let her release the single and watch what happens.

    Thanks again Machado

    I’m loving this song to bits

  • Mazeman

    It’s fantastic… like all of her past brilliant work…. and of course relates to her NOW and has a perfect-pitch ear for NOW chart success…. and I’ve been singing that heroin-addictive chorus in my car for three days!!!!