Adele To Release “Set Fire To The Rain” As Third Single Off ’21′

How is it possible that we’re 10 months into the release of Adele’s 21, the most successful album of the year, and she has only dropped two singles thus far? “Rolling In The Deep” and “Someone Like You” both enjoyed extended stays atop the Hot 100, and if the Brit singer’s lucky streak continues, her third single “Set Fire To The Rain” will follow suit. Billboard reports that Ryan Tedder-produced “Rumour Has It” was also considered to be the next single, but “research found more programmer preference” for “Set Fire To The Rain”. Listen to Adele’s fiery tune below if you haven’t yet heard it — though you probably have, since it’s more than likely you own several copies of 21 already.

“Set Fire To The Rain” was released as the second single from 21 in Europe. It was released as a third single in the UK back in July, when it shot up to #1. The song will impact US radio on November 22.

  • Nyan

    I think this is the best song on the album. I am ecstatic that she is releasing this. I plan it will do very well just because it’s Adele.

  • ZMH

    no this song didn’t even make it to the top 10 in the UK, basically because every household has her album, or people love the song so they buy the album instead.

    i actually think this song doesn’t fit very well into the whole simplistic vibe of the album. but yeah, that’s a good song, and what a voice!

  • Dan

    I hope hope hope she releases a video for this, too…. she’s on a roll! This will set fire to the charts!

  • Sjenda

    she looks fabulous in that picture!