Whatcha Say: Madonna & Rihanna Get Our Readers Talking That Talk

Over the past week, new music from pop heavyweights Madonna and Rihanna materialized, while it was announced that, because of an exclusive new production deal with Sony, Dr. Luke would no longer be working with his muse Katy Perry. We also premiered a new video series called At Your Request, and Adam Lambert’s lead single from his upcoming album got delayed. Naturally, our readers had plenty to say about this flurry of pop activity. Read on!Rihanna You Da One:: Mark Graham was tuned in to Rihanna’s “You Da One”: Listen To Her New Single: “This is definitely one of the more radio-friendly jams on the record. Although, is it just me, or is this beat really sloooooow for what’s popping on Top 40 these days?”

:: Alex was on the same wavelength: “Even though it is a bit slower compared to Rihanna’s usual offerings, it is still really pop! It sounds like a summer jam! It’s also produced by Dr. Luke which usually guarantees some airplay. It’s also a good risk for Rihanna and sounds different from what’s on the radio.”

:: DetroidRed says “cheers” to Rihanna’s Talk That Talk Album Snippets + “You Da One” Single Art: “I love it so far but Rih can do no wrong in my book. She may not be the best singer, but the girl knows good music and this album is gonna sell numbers! Here’s to hoping my hard working lil sex-pot finally gets a #1 record!”

:: Eric Javier Rivera-García wasn’t about to go for second best, baby, on Madonna’s New Single “Give Me All Your Love”: Hear It In Full: “She’s lost her touch… this isn’t as good as Hung Up or 4 Minutes (or even Celebration for that matter). Hopefully the official version will be much better (especially with Nicki & M.I.A.)”

Madonna:: Chris Noland, however, got hung up on Eric’s comments: “Oh PLEASE. Madonna does not need those two to sell a record…… nor should she ruin her music with anymore horrific inclusions of other artists that totally do not fit her music…”

:: MusicManDave threw his pom poms on the ground: “I feel like I am listening to a cheerleading chant. I know Madonna is trying to keep the young fan base but a woman in her 50’s should at least keep the dance beat current . Don’t get me wrong, I love madonna and will buy anything she creates but this just isnt what I expected. 5 out of 10.”

:: Justin M. opened his heart to the song: “Ah Madonna….I so adore you! I am now dying to hear the final version! What I really love about the song is that it sounds completely different from anything we’ve recently heard from the likes of Gaga, Britney, Katy or Rihanna. It’s different, catchy, and so totally Madonna!”

:: pr63 exercised a little patience on Adam Lambert Tweets About Single Delay: “if it isn’t perfect, don’t release it. right now you’re under a microscope and your detractors are waiting to pounce. we glamberts will just have to wait for your work of art. love ya!!”

Dr. Luke Katy Perry:: Kelly B was overjoyed with David Cook’s “Fade Into Me”: At Your Request: “Love the video with snippets from David Cook’s Fade Into Me video and from the video of the girls’ reaction to him beating David A. So glad you played Fade Into Me at your request.”

:: Chandler had choice words for Katy Perry And Dr. Luke’s Pop Magic Is Over Thanks To Sony: “Katy Perry is nothing without heavy production. She is an AWFUL singer.”

:: JohnB seemed to think Katy will be fine without the Midas-touch producer: “Hate to break the news, but Katy’s biggest hit FIREWORK was without Mr. Luke. Katy is a fantastic songwriter (she writes everything she sings), and without Luke she’ll be fine.”